10 Lessons to transform your body

10 Lessons to transform your body. Click on «I like» and «share» 

LESSON 1: Nutrition First, after the exercise.

When most people think about how to lose weight or get in shape, they only think in the physical exercise. They enroll in a gym, hire a personal trainer, or grab a book/magazine to find a training plan. But while the exercise is a crucial part to lose weight and be healthy, I would say that is not the most important part. The research indicates that with the exercise, you can only expect losing approximately 1/4 to 1/2 kg per month. This is less than inspiring. It is sad, really. So if only with the exercise will not get good results, what really works? Simple: Focus on nutrition and eating habits. With a program of work that combines an effective nutrition and exercise program suitable, you can get to lose five times more fat in a month, which is carried out only physical exercise. That is why in sports supplements DKN we insist so much on that it is important to learn Nutrition. Of course, you can’t ignore the exercise. But when it comes to lose fat and get into shape, we know that the majority of our resources and devote time to the nutrition and healthy eating habits. Advice: Yes, you should do exercise. But you must prioritize before in nutrition.

LESSON 2: Find a great motivation.

We have all heard that to make a great change, the motivation must come from within. And it is true. All we need a «reason» – a real purpose and an idea of why we want to lose fat and get in shape is important to us. But sometimes you need an extra motivation to really begin to make the change. You need a great motivation to push us to the action. Some of the motivations that can help you are: I would like to see me lose weight better, because… (Add a reason) I want to lose weight to feel more confident with myself, because… I want to be the person more attractive when I am again with my friends, at school, because… I want to lose weight for the other I look more attractive/appealing, because… even if they are reasons that many people seem absurd, the important thing is that you seem important to you. Find your motivation. Tip: What is your big motivation? How do you can do even bigger?

Lesson 3: Find something to lose.

Over the course of the transformation of our body, we have to be responsible. What is needed is something at stake, something to lose if we do not continue with our goals or if we abandon them before time. I guarantee that you will get results, and always when you follow with an established program for the entire year and do at least 80% of what you have preset. If you follow a program, you will have a dramatic transformation in the body. One of the other things you can do, even if it is say, is punished to yourself. Get a few goals and punish you if you do not meet them. For example, if you’ve been eating all week 3 pieces of fruit and/or vegetables a day and when it reaches the weekend doesn’t perform, castigate. Pass a weekend without leaving, a week without watching tv, don’t buy those shoes you love, etc.
On the contrary, if you fulfill your targets, reward you. If your target in one year is to lose 24 kg, it means that you should lose 2 kg approximately a month. If the first month you lose 3 kg instead of two, reward you going to the movies, buying to you new clothes, or realizing a small trip. Very Important: Don’t auto rewards with meals, because in the end the only thing that will get is walking away from your ultimate goal. Advice: Raise the bets and risk getting lost things to keep on playing.

Lesson 4: Better the practice than the theory.

Many people are attracted to prove not tested theories, and in the end only disappointments take and a lot of lost time. Nobody wants to begin an exercise or a nutrition program with a valuation of success of 0 %. Nevertheless, a large number of persons invest time and money in something that nobody knows very well if it works really. These are some of the questions that you should ask to yourself before starting with ‘new things’. “Does work the program of nutrition / training that I am going to realize?” “Is there anybody who knows enough about the topic and it might help me?” ““Is there anybody who knows enough about the topic and it might help me?”If you are thinking about how to obtain results, only commit with something that has demonstrated that really it works. This type of transparence only is possible when a program really works. The success does not hide. To go: Commit only with a proven training, and leave the theories for the others.

Lesson 5: Slightly Small bundle every Day.

There is a phrase that sums up what I want to express here: «If something is important, do it every day, and if it is not important, do not do it by no means.” This is especially true to transform our body. Look to yourself for small actions that serve to you for your final target and realize them every day. Do little and you will lose your moment; do too much and you will turn out to be overwhelmed. Regrettably, some persons think how to realize this in a more difficult way. They do a heroic effort to change every part of its life, from the moment in that wake up in the morning to choose the types of food that they consume, up to the adoption of a program of new training and tens other changes. This attitude of everything or nothing can work for one week or two, but very quickly they are going to smash, to burn and to be back where they began. That’s why it is important to be starting little by little by small things and to be increasing progressively, instead of trying to do a career to include everything at the same time. About all forms do not worry for the past or the future. Focus on the present. Wonder yourself: «What healthy habit can I continue today so that it should impel me forward?” These small daily habits, little by little some are joining with others until, finally, we have a few very healthy nutritive habits and practice exercise constantly. Advice: It centers your commitment on only one action, every day.

Lesson 6: Make it a little too easy.

Most of the people try to change too many things simultaneously. This does that it is almost impossible to change nothing by no means. That’s why the small thing that you decide to do, you must be sure that you can do it of constant and coherent form. A habit does not turn into a habit for practicing it only a few times. Ask a simple question to yourself: “In a scale of the 1 to 10 (1 is not sure and 10 it is very sure) how much do you entrust in yourself to do certain habit every day?” If the answer is 9 or 10, it takes this small habit and begins practicing it immediately. But if the answer is another thing that is not 9 or 10, you need to make the habit easier until it turns into something that you are sure that you will be able to do in a consistent and constant way. For example, if your small habit is to eat five fruits / vegetables portions every day, you must answer with 9 ó 10 before beginning. If you do not answer with 9 or 10 or are not sure, it starts by an easier habit. Instead of eating five rations every day: might I eat 3? What spends with 2 rations of vegetable and 1 of fruit every day? What happens with 1 portion of vegetable and 1 of fruit? Whenever you could answer with 9 or 10 wonder: «Am I sure that I can do this habit every day? Yes?” – Since you already have your new habit. Another example. If we want to begin going out to run / travel every day you can wonder: Can I go out to run every day half an hour? If the answer is 9 or 10, then it begins doing it. If the answer is not sure, wonder if instead of 30 minutes you might make it 10 or 15. I believe that you will understand the concept. During the process of enlargement of your habit, equal you realize that to improve it seems ridiculously simple to you. It can seem too easy. It is perfect. When it seems so easy to you that almost it does not suppose an effort for you, you will know that you can do it in an easy and consistent way. It is then when you can increase gradually the difficulty and/or the time. Advice: Do everything what you promise to do of easy form while you have a faith of 90 % that you can do it.

Lesson 7: Find someone to whom respond.

We all need someone close, who helps us to stay responsible, who helps us in our targets and who consoles us when our motivation disappears. In fact, we should find someone who is capable of wondering: Have you practiced your new today habit? Have you done your training? Have you learned any new lesson today? This is a way of being consistent with ourselves, not car to deceive ourselves and that someone throws a scolding to us in case of not answering affirmatively to each of the previous questions. Another thing that many people realize to be supported in its targets is to bet that they fulfill it with its friends. For example, go to a friend’s house and bet 400€ to lose 3kg in a month. Or you can speak with all your friends and say to them that you will go out naked to the street unless you manage to stop smoking in one month. Advice: look for nearby someone who could control you a little.

Lesson 8: Measure the actions, not the result.

We cannot control the results, but if that we can control the actions that lead us to these results. In other words, you cannot center on losing 10 kg, since it is a result that is out of your control. Every day you will raise yourself to the scales, and will center on what you do not have. You will think: «I still have left 8 kg by the end. I am not at all close to my target.” And then you will be frustrated. Instead of result centers in, it is better that you center on the actions, on the smallest thing, on the healthy things that you do every day. Instead of centering on what you do not have, centers your attention on what you have already obtained. This advice also might be applied to live better in any aspect of the life. Instead of concentrating on what you have not obtained, speak with you: “I am going to do my today training.” “I am going to practice my new habit and eat 5 vegetables portions.”“I am going to cover 15 minutes to be in good form” Small actions every day, accumulated with the time, drive to surprising results. Focus on the results only leads to frustration and despair. Advice: Take a control and pursuit of the actions, not of the results.

Lesson 9: That another person is who measures the results to you.

While you are busy with your habits and conducts, you will need someone (a friend, a personal trainer, your trainer of the gymnasium, etc.,) so that supervises your evolution and that realized small adjustments if it is necessary. This will give you freedom to center on the most important thing and that you can control: Your daily habits. If you go to the gym you can find someone who supervises you easily. If you train at home, you can hire a personal trainer for very little money to the month (as Internet you have trainers who supervise your physical training to you and prepare a diet for you for a few 20€ a month). Advice: A personal trainer or a mentor finds so that it supervises your progress and liberates you of “asking you about things and from worrying you”.

Lesson 10: Choose a Group of Support.

This is something of which you’ve probably heard about before: «We turn into the average of 5 persons with whom we spend most of the time.” But this is not an only one saying. In fact, it is applied, especially when we are speaking about surprising corporal transformations. People who have a network of strong friends, coworkers, family members, and even complete strangers via the Internet, tend to have much larger changes than those by itself alone.. With a good support network, you can tune in to the people when you are excited, confused, or wonder what to do next. You’ll have people to your around that can offer information, guidance, advice and support.
If you have not the people who know much of the topic, exist many people to whom you can tune in for Internet (forums, blogs, and social networks) that can throw a hand to you and help you in your goals. Advice: You are the average of 5 persons with whom you spend most of the time. It chooses carefully, and insure of constructing a good group of support. And finally I leave you with a phrase so that it motivates you and helps in your transformation of the body. “If you believe that you can, you probably can. If you believe that you will not be able, very of course you will not be able. The belief is the button of ignition that impels you of the throwing platform”