3 things that you have to do to Lose Weight

What are 3 things that you have to do to lose the weight that remains you?

Although it seems strange, none of 3 things is related to food, but there are things that we have to bear in mind like step before to a healthy feeding.


Changes your perspective. You think you’re going to make changes in your diet to improve your health (and incidentally lose weight) and that these changes are permanent. This does not mean that you cannot return to eat one donut ever more… But restricting in an exaggerated way your feeding and thinking that it is slightly temporary, it is very probable that it costs you a terrible effort and that as soon as you decide that you have already finished the diet, you return to your previous dietetic habits and recover the weight that you had lost.


Time the time it takes to eat and extend it until you reach the 20 minutes minimum. We eat very fast and this makes the signals that we send our body telling us that we are already satisfied (and take a while to occur); we arrive when we have already «gobbled» a large amount of food. Some tips that will help you to eat more slowly: – Leave the covered between bite and bite – chewing very well – pay attention to your body and its signals.