30 tips for perfect abdominals



It would be nice if we could burn fat exactly where we want to. Unfortunately, it is not possible and many people still believe that by doing 200 crunches a day, will help them get rid of the unwanted belly fat. They make two mistakes, abdominal exercises do not burn the fat located in that area and our abdomen is formed by several muscles. We cannot tell our body where to burn fat, when this process happens, it actually happens wherever we have some fat to burn. While for men the abdominal area is the most difficult to target, woman find buttocks and legs the most stubborn.
Here are the tips we propose so you can the perfect abs we all hide inside.
1.You must keep in mind three key conditions, proper nutrition, strength training and cardiovascular activity.
2.In your daily training routine you should not miss the resistance exercises work that target several muscles groups, these exercises are those that positively affect metabolism, demanding a lot of energy during the workout burning this way more calories.
3.Squats, lunges and military press among others. Be sure to include some of these exercises in your daily workouts.
4.Don’t forget about your cardiovascular workout, that really is what is going to make you lose fat, you must use both combinations a constant activity reaching between 70% to 75% of your maximum heart rate and high intensity intervals.
High intensity interval refers to the frequent and disciplined practice of cardiovascular, such as running, using the stairmaster at the gym, etc..
These exercises are essential to burn fat and also help to improve strength. Abdominal exercises on its own will not make you lose fat, but are responsible for the muscle increase in size and become stronger.
When structuring an abdominal training routine, remember to do the exercises correctly to avoid injuries. One way to consult to make sure you are doing it right is to consult with a personal trainer.
For beginners and people who do not seek for a large muscular volume, the best guideline to follow is to perform abdominal exercises 3 times a week, follow by a well structured training plan. 
1.If you are novice ask for advice in order to execute the exercises properly.
2.Limit your abs workouts to basic movements, stay away from trendy exercises. 
3.At the beginning, do not place your hands behind your head, keep them near or on the sides of your head or across your chest.
4.Your neck should be straight in line with your trunk.
5.Keep your chin up, never stuck to your chest.
6.Do not elevate your body using your lower back muscles. If you have trouble doing it so, start by simply squeezing your stomach.
7.Make slow, controlled movements, although it may seem you are doing them too slow, trust us, this way is much more effective and safe.
8.Maintaining a moment in the finished position, increases muscle work and encourages the development of its power.
9.Increase the intensity gradually.
10.Include a variety of exercises in your abs routine: don’t forget to train your top, lower and obliques, starting from the weaker, the lower then obliques and finally the top.
11.Make the necessary repetitions to achieve muscle fatigue, if you can do over 25, you should increase the difficulty of it.
12.Rest 45 seconds between sets.
13.Leave at least 48 hours between sessions: two or three days a week is enough.
14.Control breathing through your mouth when you make the contraction and inhale through your nose when relaxing. Controlling your breathing, significantly increases exercise intensity.
15.Do not use your hip flexors, try to feel the squeeze on your abdominals and do not pull with your groin. 
16.If you do not see results, you must be doing something incorrectly, you either not following the tips correctly or you are neglecting your diet.


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