Are weights just about men?

If you’re tired of your cardio workouts do not respond in the way you expect, do so then the weights. You will not lose your femininity as Eva Andressa Brazilian twice champion of Body Fitness.

Weights are believed to make women in huge and muscular, so that only a minority benefit from all the good that the weights have to offer female.


Do not you believe it? According to tests, with two days a week to do full body routines can reduce by three percent your body fat percentage in just ten weeks. This obviously will be reflected in a lower fat waist, same for the buttocks and other parts of your body as it is the body that decides where to remove fat. However having less fat is always a good thing.


Another reason is that not only you reduce fat but also improves your amount of muscle. This eventually makes it burn more calories at rest just to have that muscle in the body.

As you can see, grasp the dumbbells is a great idea if you’re a woman, but there are more …


Another powerful reason for weight training is that they make you burn calories all the time. Exactly, after doing cardio you only account with a few minutes to burn calories (unless you’re doing some form of intervals of course). With an hour of continuous weights to burn calories even a day or two after them. In total this will benefit because every week you increase the deficit you need to burn fat and have a healthy weight, plus the new muscle has a highly positive effect on your metabolism.


But before continuing clarify something. Muscle does not mean big muscles or that you will deform your body. You see women who have marked the super flared arms or shoulders are dedicated to bodybuilding as much as supplements, steroids and hormones in many cases, and that is what makes them look like they are. On the contrary, what you can get in a routine two or three days a weekly weight is a framework, a slender structure and good shape and not mega muscles.

Another benefit linked to the latter is that you can attack your weaknesses. You can easily improve the look of your calves, or increase / tone / reduce the size of your buttocks, you can improve your arms and skin that sometimes hangs below the triceps, finally, the approach is very broad and in all cases improved everything a woman wants to improve, from the waist to the legs, arms and tone among other things.


Begin to pump those muscles.


Now that you know that weight training does good to women, in fact it’s fantastic, it’s time to start to lift. We therefore recommend full body routines you do two or three times a week. Your goal is to start with a weight you can handle and then gradually increase weight and / or reps while you reduce the rest time between sets. Full body routines are ideal because they work your whole body in one session and generally make you burn more.

For each exercise aims to make 10 to 15 repetitions given above (you have to progress slowly and gradually) and always, always cares for the exercise technique. Leave aside the machines and your routine is based mainly on bars, discos and dumbbells with compound exercises such as squats, dead lifts, lunges, bench presses and shoulder presses are the most effective exercises that use exercise more muscle groups.

Finally if you want to make the most of the routine aims to improve the quality of your food and gradually incorporate the healthy while you’re replacing unhealthy. Do it for a couple of months, complemented by two days of intervals or for a total of five days of training and see that your body gets where long wanted to see. Enjoy it, try it and then we hope your comments.