Bare diet worn by Roman gladiators

Mineral content and trace fossil is analyzed to know the diet that our ancestors had long ago.

Thus, analyzing the bones of the Roman gladiators found in the excavations of the ancient city of Ephesus, has been uncovered the diet that these warriors followed. The study published in PlosOne reveals that against all odds, the gladiators follow an almost vegetarian, based on vegetables, grains and legumes diet.

Furthermore, it appears that the remains of Roman gladiators had much higher levels of strontium, which may be due to the intake of larger proportions of calcium derived from a drink made of ash plants that strong warriors ate effort to recover physical and care of their bones.

It is thought that their diet mainly based on cereals such as barley and wheat and other whole grains or legumes, as there are almost no signs of meat intake after analyzing the fossil remains of these Roman warriors of antiquity. The findings of this analysis indicate that it is perfectly possible to be a vegetarian and gain muscle mass or have a good physical fitness without consuming animal proteins, it is only a matter of properly combine and apparently, the warriors of ancient Rome they succeeded.

At present, we can mimic the diet of gladiators without become vegetarians, but taking care not missing protein, fiber and carbohydrates, as well as using a post drink effort to promote recovery and care muscles and bones. A good option would be one post workout drink containing calcium, magnesium and other minerals, such as cow’s milk or soy with oats or other cereal.


The protein used by gladiators to win large muscle mass is dry and rocky: