Dumbbell Chest Training Routine

I think to design a good training program should be applied so as to basic exercises. For example, it is advisable to include exercises such as squats, deadlifts, push movements, dips and suspensions, since they will work large muscle groups at once. Therefore, these exercises will be the pillars of your workout. However, there is always room for some extra exercise or change of routine.

When we talk about creating the maximum amount of muscle mass, you need to combine variation in training. We all have different strengths and weaknesses, so it is important to find certain exercises and movements that can help us build and improve those weaker and less developed areas.

I personally believe that the dumbbells are the most underrated tools in the gym. The bars are the winners to use in creating maximal strength, but the weights add versatility and freedom in the range of motion. When your hands are on the bar, they act in a fixed manner, and some of your joints are not moving freely. If your goal is to add more weight to the bar in any given year, then this is fine but if you want to work a specific muscle can be problematic. So if your goal is to improve the size of a muscle or just work a weak area of ​​your body, it is advisable to apply some basic type dumbbell training.

There are a number of exercises you can add to your arsenal of training with dumbbells. Some variations are more useful than others, and many more are old exercises that are forgotten with the passing of the years. When choosing these assistants exercise, the key is to feel the muscle being worked completely. Always train with a purpose and when grips dumbbells, remember you are on a mission to attack a specific group of muscles and try to destroy them completely.

For example, on Monday you go to the gym, which is the day of «chest par excellence» and where all the bars, banks and machines are being used for this exercise, choose to use a single dumbbell adjustable bench. This will save time and so you will not have to wait in line to do your exercises, since you’ll be using only one bank for all season.

Example of routine only dumbbell to chest:

Pres plane 4 x 12-10-8-6
4 x 12-10-8-6 inclined Pres
Pres I declined 3 x 12
Openings 2 x 15
Pechadas 2 x 20

There you have it, a well-structured to give variation to your chest workout with dumbbells and use only the amount that you add your pectorals plan. Expect some good pain in the chest area for the next few days.