What is the baby food diet about?

The baby food diet is a reinvention of the old and traditional baby diet. It has become fashionable to try to achieve the perfect body in the short term and without too much effort.

This diet began to become popular in 2010, the year in which the nutritionist and trainer Tracy Anderson began to promote this diet with the help of Madonna Jennifer Aniston and others.

What is the baby food diet about?

It is a diet in which porridge is consumed daily with oats and fruits, and proteins and vegetables at night, with the aim of losing weight quickly.

In the beginning, it was recommended that 14 mini porridges be made during the day prepared with oats and fruits and eat low-fat meat for dinner, later on, this diet underwent a transformation from which the new proposal that emerged can consume baby food throughout the day without interruption.

If we take into account the approximate number of calories consumed in a day of this diet, we would reach a total of 1200 kcal, which is not too far from normal consumption.

Example of a diet day

Imagine one day of your life eating only baby food, it would be something like this:

Breakfast: Apple Porridge with Oats.

Mid-morning snack: Banana and apple porridge.

Lunch: Pumpkin porridge (pumpkin) with carrot.

Snack: Broccoli porridge with peas or green beans.

Dinner: Half a plate of boiled vegetables and a portion of meat.

The dangers of the baby food diet

The greatest danger that this diet presents is the transformation of traditional food digestion. Chewing is part of the digestive process and in this process, the body generates hormones, such as leptin.

Releasing these hormones requires 20 or 30 minutes of chewing and, therefore, the absence of chewing is associated with an increase in food intake and an increase in body weight.

The truth about the baby food diet

Currently, the creator of this diet is promoting a completely different method of losing weight.

The truth is that a diet based on porridge is certainly boring and difficult to sustain. In addition, it does not favor the construction of muscles, which are visually more attractive and healthy than slim and deflated bodies.

If you were fully aware that you can eat a wide variety of foods and still lose weight and look good. Would you choose the baby food diet?

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