Benefits of Vitamin C


Here you have the benefits of this incredible vitamin. Don´t forget to use it during the year.
1.Prevents cataract and improves your vision.
2.It is one of the most powerful antioxidants.
3.Contributes on the formation of neurotransmitters, thus, it prevents depression.
4.It has antibacterial properties, and thus, it prevents some respiratory and gastric infections.
5.It helps reducing cholesterol and prevents arteriosclerosis.
6.It adds moisture to your skin, preventing psoriasis, eczemas and wrinkles.
7.It is absolutely necessary for the formation of collagen and joins tissue.
8.It boots our immune system.
The recommended dose is 75mg for women and 90mg for men, however, this amount is totally insufficient for people who regularly work out, to whom is recommended to consume up to 5000mg a day.

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