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Amino acids

Amino acids are nitrogenous molecules that join together to form a larger structure called a protein. Our body depends on many types of protein to build muscles and help our bodies function. So, amino acids are necessary for the proper functioning of the body, and are responsible for the storage of nutrients. In addition, they influence the immune system and the repair of muscle tissue after exercise. This component also fulfills hormonal functions, as well as precursors of enzymes and neurotransmitters.

Amino acids: Benefits of consuming supplements

Its consumption favors the increase of muscle mass, improves sports performance, and increases the levels of growth hormone in the blood.

Lack of these components causes depression and mental and physical disorders. That is why it can be said that its consumption prevents depression.
Consuming amino acids favors brain activity through the production of proteins that have neurotransmitter functions, mainly favoring the production of adrenaline, norepinephrine and dopamine. For this reason, its consumption improves mood and prevents depression due to lack of nutrients.
It has been shown, through various research, that the consumption of amino acids can cure diseases such as herpes.
A study conducted in China confirmed that the amino acid histidine has the ability to lower body mass index and insulin resistance. For this reason, these components are essential for people who are following a strict diet, whatever the goal.

Tryptophan participates in the growth of children, regulates the appetite, emotions, and mental health of adults. Also, is used to improve sleep.
Lysine increases and improves the absorption of calcium in the stomach and liver. This is why its consumption is recommended to prevent bone diseases and bone degeneration.


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