Best exercises to lose weight

Do you know the best exercises to lose weight? In previous articles, we have talked about useful exercises based on different tastes and goals you may have, such as: Starting at the gym Best time for strength training Rest from training, know its benefits. What did Henry Cavill do to gain muscle mass? What is […]

Best time for strength training

Science has determined the best time to train strength. If you are training strength and you do not know what time of day to choose for your training, this article will interest you. Have you ever wondered if science is interested in what is the ideal time of day to train? Well yes, science has […]

Rest from training, know its benefits.

Rest from training? Taking a break from training can bring you many benefits if you know how to take advantage of it Muscle fatigue and rest from training As we have told you on several occasions, doing excessive physical activity does not favor you. Sometimes people believe that overloading the muscles with training will help […]

Exercise for men over 40: strength and stability

Exercise for over 40s: This exercise for men over 40 will help you strengthen your muscles and prevent falls and injuries over time. Exercise for Men Over 40: Professional Word Kirk Charles, model, coach, and the author knows that life can get more complicated as you get older, but that shouldn’t take you out of […]