The peanut butter by Beverly Nutrition is a 100% natural product, very nutritional and perfectly combines with a healthy lifestyle. This peanut butter is a very important source of plant proteins. This peanut butter is made 100% of toasted peanuts, without palm oil.

Crema de Cacahuete Beverly Nutrition


Peanut Butter

Packaging: 500g

Flavors: Peanut butter, choco peanut butter and cookies peanut butter

Specifications: No palm oil, no added salt or sugars, no type of additive, no preservatives or trans fats.

Peanuts provide a large quantity of essential vitamins and minerals. They have a high magnesium content which contributes towards reducing tiredness, phosphorous which contributes to strong bones and teeth, vitamin E, also called “fountain of youth”, as it protects the body from free radicals, and a significant contribution of fiber.

The components of the peanut butter make it ideal for any type of diet, whether for weight loss, maintenance or muscle gain.

It provides the body a large quantity of essential vitamins and minerals.

Provides fiber for the body.

At any time of day. It can be used in “fitness” recipes such as oat flour cakes, energy bars, turrón, pies, spread on rice or oat cakes, on fruit or mixed in the protein shake.

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