Protein cream in chocolate and white chocolate made of ground hazelnuts. This protein cream has a high percentage of proteins (21.47%).


Protein Chocolate Cream

Packaging: 250gr

Flavors: Chocolate and white chocolate

Specifications: No palm oil, no added salt or sugars, no type of additive, no preservatives or trans fats.

Characteristics of PROTEIN HAZELNUT CREAM: source of proteins (23.84%), high fiber content (9.7%), 91% toasted hazelnuts, no added sugar, no palm oil, gluten-free, very low in saturated fats (0.4%), gourmet flavor, soft texture, no preservatives.

Favors maintenance and increase in muscle mass

No added sugars

No palm oil

Source of protein

Gluten free

Ideal for diets where the goal is to lose weight and you don’t want to give up chocolate spread

Healthy indulgence

Any time of day!

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