Diet at home

If you want to start a diet at home but don’t know where to start then this article is for you.

How to diet at home?

And it is that this question has a simple answer: the place to diet is not a place, but a time: always.

Always means: everywhere. And what better place to diet than your own home, where you are the one who chooses what foods are going to fill the cupboards and the fridge.

The diet begins in the market.

This phrase is key when thinking about dieting at home. The first thing you should do is have a plan: What food plan are you going to follow? Based on your plan, you must make a shopping list and on the list, you must include all the ingredients that your meals will contain.

  • What kind of salt are you going to use?
    Ex: common salt, sea salt, Himalayan salt.
  • What fats or oils will you use to season and cook?
    Sunflower oil, olive oil, lard, fat.
  • What dressings will you use for your meals?
    Aceto, vinegar, soy sauce, or others.
  • What will be the foods that will give you satiety?
    Those of breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, collations, and dessert.

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Diet at home

Yes, it is important that you have something sweet (or salty) on hand for moments of anxiety, otherwise, you will end up calling a delivery or buying anything you find in your moment of anxiety.

Make a list of the foods you want to consume so that you do not miss any. You do not want to have an empty cupboard so you can go hungry without resorting to any food. On the contrary: provide yourself with foods that you know are better for you to consume.

Tip: Don’t go to the supermarket hungry, when you are like that you always end up buying things you shouldn’t buy!

Diet at home: more fruits, vegetables, and meats.

When I started a really good diet, my biggest expense was in the greengrocer and the butcher (of course, in my case it is a diet of meat and vegetables, although there are also those who prefer only a diet of vegetables). Half of the fridge is fruits and vegetables, foods that are incorporated into the family’s meals on a daily basis.

Analyze carefully what fruits, vegetables, and meats are available to you where you live, which ones are easy to get, and which ones you like. Make a list of the vegetables you are going to buy and buy the right amount for a week.

I do not recommend buying fruits and vegetables for more than a week as they would risk spoiling in a short time.

Diet at home: examples on how-to buy fruits and vegetables

Example: If you are one (1) person then in the week you may eat 2 tomatoes, half a cabbage, two carrots, five oranges, three apples, and a pumpkin in seven days. You should consume a portion of meat every day, varying in the type of meat: fish, chicken, beef, pork, or whatever you have, you should buy at least one kilo of meat of your choice per week.

You may eat more or less than these amounts, but it is an amount intended for a person who incorporates two or more fruits and vegetables in his day-to-day and also consumes a normal serving of meat daily. This is the important part to fulfill when we want to diet at home.

The natural, first.

It is common for people to consider that only certain foods are “fattening”, and that is why we have dedicated entire articles to teaching how to abandon them, such as Eliminate BREAD from your diet and Lactose intolerance: Supplements for athletes. However, it is necessary to differentiate people who have allergies or intolerances from those who believe that some foods are bad and others are good.

Chickpeas, beans of all kinds, lentils, brown rice, Yamani, and common are allies for those who need to feel full at meals. The recommended portion is two tablespoons of rice for one of the legumes, or three of rice for two of legumes, although they can also be incorporated into salads and other meals.

crema de cacahuete Beverly Nutriton Peanut Butter is a 100% natural product. This peanut butter is a very important source of vegetable protein.

Diet at home: How to choose your legumes

This type of food comes in two presentations: dry, in packages, they must be put in water the day before and cooked in a pot. Or canned and packaged. And our recommendation is that you preferably choose the dry ones. Why? 1. Because in the long run, they are cheaper and last longer 2. Because they contain less sodium.

The general rule of thumb for successful dieting at home is to choose natural, and unfortunately for those who don’t like cooking, natural foods come unprepared.

diet at home fat burning pill

Diet at home: Cooking yes, buying everything ready, no.

The key to controlling what you eat is to prepare your own food and choose what you buy very carefully. You can choose to prepare your own baked goods, desserts, and even those more elaborate dinners.

In addition to having control over the number of fats, carbohydrates, and sugars that you incorporate into your recipes, cooking your own food allows you to incorporate many foods into your daily life that provide great benefits to your health, such as garlic, ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, and cumin, among others.

A component that cannot be missing from your diet is probiotics, do not forget to find out about them and incorporate them into your daily diet.

proteína de suero de leche

What diet should I do?

It is not necessary that you follow a specific diet, however, here is a list of diets that you can follow and our advice on how to follow them:

Pineapple diet

What is the baby food diet about?

Marcos Llorente’s diet has become very famous in recent times, but why?

Another well-known miracle diet: Scarsdale Diet

What should I eat to lose weight?

Ginger for weight loss

Infusions to lose weight

It is always better to change your habits because it not only guarantees that you will lose weight, but that you will be able to maintain the weight you reach easily. A change of habits guarantees permanent changes in your physique.

If you are going to diet at home, it is recommended that you also incorporate the habit of exercising at least three times a week. You can start with less intense workouts and increase the intensity as you adapt to the changes.

proteina de suero

Will changing habits make me lose weight like dieting at home?

Yes and no. A change of habits can make you lose weight fast at first but then you will lose weight more and more slowly until you reach a balanced weight. A diet, as we know it, can make you lose weight quickly and abruptly, generating the famous rebound effect when you finish the diet and resume “normal life”.

If you acquire the habit of exercising frequently, you will have a better chance of maintaining a balanced weight.

What allowances can I give myself if I diet at home?

If you are dieting at home you can prepare a wide variety of fit desserts, protein desserts, and light desserts. The important thing is that you maintain creativity to have a rich and varied diet.

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