What did Henry Cavill do to gain muscle mass?

Henry Cavill’s diet to gain muscle mass has been a mystery to many. In the world of fitness, many are those who seek to increase their muscle mass and have a defined body like the protagonist of Superman.

Henry Cavill is 1.85 m tall and weighs 92 kg.

The actor has decided to share his effective diet with his followers, and he confessed to the journalists of the British edition of Men’s Health that what he considers the most that he has worked with his physique is having started to perform cardio on an empty stomach.

What is a before and after 90 days of training like in a 45-year-old man? Here are all the details

Henry Cavill’s diet to gain muscle mass

Start your day with a 30-minute fasted cardio session. In the end, eat a large amount of protein for breakfast.

His breakfast consists of scrambled eggs, beefsteak, and an oatmeal protein shake, and he drinks a liter of water.

The next meal is lunch, which can generally be made up of a chicken curry dish with rice and an apple. Then the actor makes another meal in between lunch and dinner that consists of more chicken breast with baked potatoes and curry.

In the interval between this last meal and dinner, he performs his training with a session of weights and resistance. One of the details that the author confessed on social networks is that he does not use too much weight. (Although it would have to be seen with what criteria he considers that a certain amount is too much or too little)

For dinner, he eats bison steak with brown rice pasta.

Background on Henry Cavill’s diet for gaining muscle mass

The actor had already been famous years earlier for his diet in preparation for the Superman series. This diet is said to be composed of 5000 calories a day.

At that time his trainer was Mark Twight, who also trained the cast of the movie 300 to gain muscle mass.

At the time the actor told how was his experience with this coach, he said:

“He asked me a lot of questions about my goals. Then he asked me: would you like to use steroids? I immediately said no. And he said: good because otherwise, he wouldn’t train you.”

“Mark opened my eyes to see beyond what he thought would be my limits. He understands what I’m going through physically. He understands me, he understands what happened physically. That’s what makes him such a good coach. “

Henry Cavill’s Muscle Gain Workout Routine for Superman Movie

The training to prepare the actor for the movie “Superman, The Man of Steel” lasted more than 11 months.

Losing weight after 40: a challenge

The actor dedicated the first months to preparatory training. This was followed by 6 weeks of training for volume and intensity, and finally two more months of training for maintenance.

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The training consisted of training two muscle groups per day and each training lasted around two and a half hours.

The exercises were divided into training with very high loads and few repetitions and large rest intervals; and others with lower loads, a higher number of repetitions, and a shorter rest time.

His coach organized a training plan in which the only day of rest was Sunday. In the heaviest weeks, two days of rest were allowed, this being Thursday and Sunday.

If Harry Cavill was too exhausted for his usual workouts, then cardio exercises would be done. This technique is called by trainer Mark Twight as “active recovery.”

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Henry Cavill’s diet for the movie Superman

During the first two months of his training, the actor ingested between 5000 and 6000 calories a day, without measuring the macronutrients. However, his carbs were cut as he approached the start of shooting the movie.

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During the movie “Superman, Man of Steel” the actor weighed between 86 and 88 kg and maintained an average of 7 to 9% body fat most of the time. He dropped about 4-6% body fat percentage to perform the scenes shirtless.

For this, he used calorie counting. He restricted carbohydrates and went from a really high surplus to a huge caloric deficit.

For the cutting phase, his diet dropped to 2,500 calories. The actor comments that this stage was quite unpleasant. And it was clearly an unpleasant phase, considering all you could eat before entering the fat-burning phase.

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The latest news on training and diet from Henry Cavill.

The actor commented on his social networks that during the recordings of the series “The Witcher” he had many difficulties maintaining his training. However, he was able to find a small moment in each day to achieve small results.

“You don’t need heavy weights every day to get results. I was doing everything I could on a very hectic day and trying to add some training, as little as I could. During this period I learned that it is not the weight that really matters but training. If you are shy about going to the gym because there is always someone by your side using a lot of weight, don’t be intimidated by it. Work with your own weight, just make every workout count. You might end up looking better than that partner or that lady that I was by your side using that exorbitant weight “

Henry Cavill

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