Eliminating abdominal fat

Eliminating abdominal fat is not an easy task, and that is why we turn to the information provided by one of the best doctors in Latin America, Frank Suarez, who talks about the reasons why fat is concentrated in the abdomen, and how to overcome it.

Eliminate abdominal fat: High blood glucose levels

If you want to overcome abdominal fat, you must control your blood glucose levels.

If we take a glucometer and measure glucose first thing in the morning, our blood glucose levels should be between 90 / 85ml.

The doctor affirms that if we have abdominal fat, it is very likely that we will have glucose in 100ml in the morning. This means that we are in a state of pre-diabetes.

Every time we feel stressed, whatever the reason for this stress, the nervous system orders the liver to release glucose. This is a physiological reaction of the body to situations that require a greater state of alertness.

This glucose, released by a stressful situation, is transformed into fat since it was not used for exercise either.

Glutation Beverly Nutrition
Glutation Beverly Nutrition

Eliminate abdominal fat: Control your Stress

You won’t be able to beat belly fat if you don’t control your stress levels.

The doctor’s advice is to increase your tolerance for stress. Here’s the key to overcoming the stressful cycle of lack of energy and intolerance.

Lack of energy produces stress intolerance.

Dr. Frank Suarez recommends taking care of hydration to improve stress. It is proven that water multiplies the body’s energy exponentially. Therefore, drinking water increases body energy, and with increased energy stress tolerance increases.

Green juices

Green juices, with lemon, are a way to incorporate green vegetables into your diet.

Salads and vegetables are high in magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium. Your tolerance to stress will increase as you introduce these foods into your diet. According to the doctor, these will help to overcome abdominal fat.

Do not eat aggressive foods

Aggressive foods, as Dr. Frank Suarez calls them, are those that increase glucose levels to the point of not returning to normal for more than two or three hours. That is why the doctor says that these foods AGREE on the body. He calls them W.R.C




According to the doctor, it is enough to stop consuming these foods for two weeks to verify the negative effects they have on the body.

eliminate abdominal fat

Eliminate abdominal fat: Discharge to ground

Stress is stored as a current in the body. Not only this, but we also recharge our body with electric current when we are in contact with electrical devices such as the computer, or the cell phone. According to the doctor, Wi-Fi networks, which go through the walls and floors of buildings, also go through our bodies. Therefore, it is recommended that an earth discharge be carried out.

According to the doctor, one of the most effective ways to discharge stress is to turn off the Wi-Fi when we sleep.

Another way to discharge energy is by walking barefoot on the ground, or in the grass.

  • Leave your cell phone away from you.
  • You can take a plant or a tree. Touch it for a moment.

This advice may seem strange, however, the decrease in energy load is empirically demonstrated, so, as strange as it may seem, it is totally true.

To beat abdominal fat: sleep, sleep and sleep.

You must respect and repair your dream.

Casein is an ideal supplement to enhance fat burning and improve sleep quality.

eliminate abdominal fat

To eliminate abdominal fat: Avoid foods that excite before sleeping, such as

Red meat
Pork Meat

According to the doctor, dinner should be the lightest meal of the day. Composed of vegetables and without eating large amounts of food.

Make sure you can sleep, ensuring that you are in a quiet environment.

Consume magnesium, increase your consumption of foods that contain this mineral, or choose a magnesium supplement of your choice.

  • Increase your potassium intake.
Vitamin Complex Beverly Nutrition eliminate abdominal fat
Vitamin Complex Beverly Nutrition

Eliminate abdominal fat: Learn to breathe deeply.

Deep breathing increases relaxation. Concentrate on the exhalations, taking deep breaths. The doctor recommends taking quick inhalations and deep exhalations, to induce sleep.

Now that you know the advice of this great doctor to overcome abdominal fat, you just need to put them to the test and feel their effects yourself. Let’s do it!

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