Exercise for men over 40: strength and stability

Exercise for over 40s: This exercise for men over 40 will help you strengthen your muscles and prevent falls and injuries over time.

Exercise for Men Over 40: Professional Word

Kirk Charles, model, coach, and the author knows that life can get more complicated as you get older, but that shouldn’t take you out of the game. This trainer helps answer some questions about fitness reality for men in their 40s.

The coach started out playing basketball in the 1970s, “playing with a group of people over 40, which he called” beli bumper cars.”

The game was generally technically disoriented; however, there is much more to analyze in relation to sport.

Those over 40 only tried to stay in the game without hurting themselves to prevent injuries that could be caused by playing with adults, overweight. For this, it is necessary to have stability and strength in the core.

A large part of developing this stability and strength involves doing anti-rotation exercises, which help you stay steady, with your feet on the ground, during the game.

Exercise for men over 40: strength and stability

The key to exercising for men over 40: stability, balance, and core strength.

As we age, stability exercises become more important to keep us safe in all athletic activities, and even in simple moments, such as opening a door.

“Plank” is a good exercise to build muscle and gain core strength, but it can be taken at a higher level if you add a pull component to it.

“raised plank” helps the body take an anti-rotation dimension, because at the moment when a sport is being practiced, for example, a ball, the body is continually changing its gravitational center, changing the weight distribution, and following the motion of hitting a ball.

The unbalanced forces of the whole body have to be activated to execute movements using proper form.

Exercise for men over 40: strength and stability

Exercises to practice

Grab a dumbbell that you can comfortably row with. Next, find a bench in your gym, get into a one-arm raised plank position. Use the bench as a platform, with your feet slightly wider than your typical board – about the width of your shoulders. Your other arm should hang down, holding the dumbbell in your hand, in a neutral position.

Once you’re in a plank position, tighten your core and glutes and keep your body in a straight line. This will be your starting position

Squeeze your back to row with the dumbbell by lifting the weight up to the rib cage, hold the position for the count. Then lower your back to the starting position, this is one rep.

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Exercise for over 40s: tips and tricks

The key to performing this move is maintaining balance during reps while rowing with your right arm. You will feel the right side of your body under tension, as you struggle with gravity to maintain your position.

The trend will be to compensate by turning the right side up. To maintain stability you must fight against this tendency and stay firm by continuing to squeeze the glutes, the trunk, and the back muscles.

Losing weight after 40: a challenge

To increase the intensity and anti-rotation focus you can add an isometric hold on top and increase the time under tension. You will have to fight even more against the forces of gravity.

In this exercise, the whole body is dedicated to fighting for balance and stability. This variation requires complete focus, even at lightweights.

You can start by trying this exercise without weights, simply by holding the board elevated with one arm for 10 seconds or more, to get the feeling of locking the core and maintaining stability. You can then start with a lightweight row, and perform the isometric grip once you have mastered this technique. Try the heavier weights and work your way up to longer isometric grips.

Now that you know the best exercise for men over 40 years old, and you know that this exercise can help you prevent common injuries, you just need to start practicing it and feel its benefits. Let’s do it!

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