In the Beverly nutrition blog you will find all the news and updated information about the world of fitness, sports, health, uses of supplements and recommendations. Next we will tell you what our blog is about.


First, in the training category of our blog, you will find a wide range of exercise routines, analysis of types of training and all the information necessary to decide what type of training is the best for you. As well as guides on how to start exercising and as a result achieve your goals in training.

Learn about the celebrity training to get a star body.
Practice habits to reduce body fat, define muscles and increase muscle mass.
Discover the best tips to get started in physical activity.
Follow the tips to get the best out of your workouts and achieve your goals.
Check out our motivational guides so you don’t get demotivated along the way.

Blog: Nutrition Category


Then, in the nutrition section, you will find information about the benefits, disadvantages, convenience or inconvenience of consuming certain foods. You will also find information about the latest fad diets and an analysis so that you can evaluate whether any of these diets is suitable for you, because there is always a diet that adapts to your particular needs.


Discover the diets of athletes and celebrities.
Learn about the best tips and tricks to lose weight.
Look at viral diets under the microscope.
Research the types of cuisine and food.
Know the recommended foods and their benefits.
Learn how to prepare different types of protein and detox plant drinks.
Follow the tips for starting a healthy diet at home.

Blog: Recipes Category


In the recipes category you will find a wide variety of fitness recipes, diet recipes and various foods that you can consume without fear of gaining weight or losing your nutritional goals. All the ideas for you to complete your day with a healthy diet.


We present you the best recipes for smoothies and green drinks to detoxify the body and lose weight.
Access our recipes using highly recommended ingredients to incorporate into our daily diet.
Prepare the best infusions and how to prepare and drink them.
Learn how to prepare light recipes, keto recipes, and dessert recipes to incorporate into your healthy eating regimen.


If you were interested in the content of our website, then take advantage of the information provided to get the most out of our products and create your own nutritional strategy to achieve your goals.