FUSION OVOPRO egg protein and caseinate protein. This is an anabolic protein formula capable of generating new muscle cells.

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This anabolic protein mixture covers various profiles of amino acids with anabolic characteristics of rapid digestion and anti-catabolic characteristics of slow digestion capable of rebuilding the muscle tissue with new cells, stimulating the speed of the protein anabolism. Thus, Fusion Ovopro has the double function of protecting and building muscle tissue.

Proteína de Huevo Beverly Nutrition


Fusion Ovo Pro

Packaging: 1kg

Flavors: Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla

Specifications: Super Hardcore Formula; Doping Free Guarantee. Kosher Certification. Halal Certification. GMP.


The amino acid compounds and the absorption kinetics complement each other, therefore the final result is a multi-functional and balanced protein formula.

FUSION OVOPRO is a compound that is enriched with a complex of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, B12, pantothenic acid, vitamin C, biotin and vitamin E. The objective is to strengthen the absorption of proteins in the muscle as much as possible.

This source of quality protein includes calcium caseinate and egg proteins, 40 g protein per portion, just 0.6 g of fat per portion and is aspartame free. FUSION OVOPRO includes 18.77 g. of L- Glutamine.

Increases muscle mass

Perfect for diet periods during training

Improves and repairs muscle mass up to 5 times faster after a training session, avoiding muscle catabolism.

Protects the muscle tissue.

Mix 1 scoop (50 g) and dissolve in 200-250 ml of skimmed milk or water. It can be taken at any time of day: in the morning, before or after training and even right before going to sleep.

Proteína de huevo Beverly Nutrition

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