GLUTAVOL is the best glutamine that has ever been manufactured. We developed it with the highest technology in order to create a natural anabolic to help muscle cells with fuel and for the metabolism of protein.

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GLUTAVOL strengthens the reserves of muscle glycogen which avoids muscle catabolism when combined with carbohydrates.

Our GLUTAVOL glutamine is efficient in the production of bicarbonate, which is important for temporary storage of lactic acid produced during intense training.

Glutamina Beverly Nutrition

Volumizers and Creatine


Packaging: 250g

Flavor: Tropical

Specifications: Super Hardcore Formula; Doping Free Guarantee. Kosher Certification. Halal Certification. GMP.

GLUTAVOL adds N Acetyl L Glutamine (NAG), acetylated form of L-glutamine. NAG is more stable in water and metabolically more efficient when providing glutamine for the skeletal muscle. It is more efficient than any conventional glutamine supplement or any glutamine peptide.

Several studies confirm that extra ingestion of N Acetyl L Glutamine can improve the levels of the growth hormone by up to 400%. In this way, muscle gain is guaranteed and you can forget about muscle catabolism!


Improves the retention of intracellular water and stimulates the development of the protein synthesis processes

Improves muscle growth and the recovery of muscle glycogen levels

Improves the generation of energy and the psychophysical recovery processes

Increases the capacity to tolerate higher volumes of effort by minimizing the possibility of depressing the immune system

Reduces muscle catabolism caused by high intensity training or situations of stress

Improves the post-workout psychophysical recovery processes

Increases the capacity to tolerate a higher effort volume

Mix 1 scoop in a glass of water and drink immediately after training. For pre-workout, drink it 30-40 minutes before. Preferably with an empty stomach.

Glutamina Beverly Nutrition

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