ISO TX is a pure whey protein isolate with natural anabolic agents for muscle growth. It is probably the best whey protein isolate in the world. Whey Protein Isolate is considered the best source of protein and has the highest bioavailability.

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ISO TX whey isolate: Its purity is 90%.

For greater supersaturation, our whey protein isolate contains a precise quantity of nanoparticle amino acid peptides in order to increase muscle growth and regeneration.

Proteína Aislada de Suero Beverly Nutrition


ISO XT Professional

Packaging: 2kg

Flavors: Choco & hazelnut, Choco Cookies, Strawberry Cheesecake

Specifications: Super Hardcore Formula; Doping Free Guarantee. Kosher Certification. Halal Certification. GMP.


The formula of the ISO TX whey isolate is the only product in the world with a wide variety of amino acids and a broad range of nutrients in order to protect the muscles of the body, avoiding muscle loss and keeping the body from using muscle protein cells and impeding depletion.

It is a whey isolate obtained through exchange ultrafiltration. We have used a method that uses ionically charged clay resins that retain the protein and separate it from other components of the whey.

Chemical products are used to adjust the pH such as sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid. This produces the purest form of whey protein isolate, free from impurities such as lactose, minerals and fat. Zero aspartame.

Increases muscle mass

Maintenance of muscle mass after practicing high intensity sports, strength sports, interval, explosive or resistance sports. In short, any type of sport.

Maintenance of the bones in normal conditions

Proteins that are quick to digest

Proteins that are quick to absorb

Accelerates the repair processes for tissues damaged during training.

Improves recovery time.

Mix 40 g (1 scoop) in 200 ml of cold water or milk. Mix until fully dissolved.

Take after training.

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