Keto pasta

Keto pasta exists, and it’s a solution for pasta lovers who are struggling with removing carbs from their keto diet menu.

The difficult menu of the paleolithic diet

As we discussed in previous articles, the ketogenic diet or ketogenic diets are characterized by proposing to eliminate carbohydrates from the diet in order to promote the use of fat as the body’s natural fuel, which causes “natural” fat burning.

One of the disadvantages of this diet is that it decreases the performance of athletes, so we do not recommend it for high-performance athletes, but rather for fitness competitors, who put it into practice before competitions.

Creating a ketogenic diet menu can be difficult, which is why we created the following articles for you:

Keto pizza dough recipes

Ginger for weight loss

Infusions to lose weight

Marcos Llorente’s diet has become very famous in recent times, but why?

Today there is a variety of high-protein and low-carbohydrate pasta. We see some examples:

Keto pasta: Konjac noodles or pasta.

Konjac is an oriental root that contains a lot of fiber and little to no carbohydrates and protein. It has no flavor, so it will be necessary to accompany it with foods that add flavor.

In general, it is a paste that you can buy at a low cost both in the market and on the internet. There are several brands that manufacture it and it comes in different presentations: pasta for soup, spaghetti, and traditional presentations.

The fibers that this type of pasta provides are therapeutic and various studies have shown its benefits.

Keto pasta: Some of the fiber benefits of Konjac pasta are:

  • Fight constipation and obesity
  • Promotes weight loss
  • It gives a greater feeling of satiety compared to other fibers, providing a low-case null- number of calories and carbohydrates

Now that you know one of the best keto pasta to incorporate into your paleo diet menu, all you have to do is try it and feel its benefits. Enjoy it!

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