Keto pizza dough recipes

These keto pizza dough recipes will be a wild card for pizza and fitness lovers.

There are different ways to prepare and consume pizzas and I would say that almost everyone loves this dish that has earned its place in meetings with friends and in the daily life of many. That is why in this article we are dedicated to providing pizza lovers with various options so that they can consume them without worrying about excess carbohydrates.

What is the keto diet or ketogenic diet?

In articles like Ketogenic Diet and Ketogenic Diet: Slow Down Your Performance we tell you about this diet which is basically about reducing your carbohydrate intake as much as possible while increasing your protein intake.

This diet seeks to eliminate fat.

In previous articles, we also told you how to Eliminate BREAD from your diet and All about Does eating carbohydrates makes you fat for dinner?

Without further ado, on to those fabulous keto pizza dough recipes!

Up next: the best keto pizza dough recipes.

Keto Pizza Dough Recipe: Oatmeal with Protein

Ingredients to prepare a pizza (large and thin) or two small:

-Oatmeal 1 cup

-Eggs 1

-Sunflower/peanut/chia oil. 1 tablespoon

-Protein of your choice. You can use vegan protein

-If you wish, you can add four tablespoons of your favorite seed mix or activated chia seeds.

-Salt and seasonings to taste.

Super tip: If you add turmeric, cayenne pepper, ginger and ground cumin to your dough, these will have a fat-burning plus. But measure the amount of each of these ingredients so that the flavor is pleasant and not too intense.


-Beat the egg with the oil and activated chia seeds or your favorite seed mix.

-In another container, mix the oatmeal with the chosen protein powder, seasonings and salt.

-Mix the solid ingredients with the liquid ones. If you need you can add a little water to the dough to integrate all the ingredients.

If you are going to add water, do it by spoonfuls and as you knead and see the need to do so.

It should be a slightly sticky but still consistent dough. This oatmeal pizza dough results in a crispy pizza base, it is recommended that you spread a thin layer of dough for each pizza pan you want to prepare.

Pumpkin Bread recipe

Broccoli Keto Pizza Crust Recipe

This is a flourless pizza dough recipe. This recipe can be made in various ways. The one that most resembles traditional pizza would be the following:

Another way to make this pizza is to simply process the raw broccoli, add a raw egg and salt, mix, place in a pan, and bake. You can add grated cheese to this mixture.

Keto Chicken Pizza Crust Recipe

The keto chicken pizza dough is one of the ones with the highest amount of protein and the lowest amount of carbohydrates. It is a super protein version of traditional pizza.

Sweet Potato Pizza Dough Recipe

Although the sweet potato is a food that provides a significant amount of carbohydrates, the difference between it and refined flours or potatoes is that they are complex carbohydrates. These generate a feeling of greater satiety for a longer time. For this reason, sweet potato crust pizza is one of our selected keto pizza crust recipes.

Remember, it is best to accompany a balanced diet with physical activity.

We hope that these keto dough recipes are pleasant for you, you can consume them if you are celiac or if you are on a diet. Try them!

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