Pear and chocolate dietetic pudding

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Pear and chocolate dietetic pudding

Most puddings are packed with bread and butter, and I must say I absolutely love them. However, the following recipe does not contain butter and the bread can be of your choice. The one I’ve picked is just a white gluten free brand from my nearest convenient store. Sugar is another of the ingredients we won’t be using and it would be substituted for stevia. To make out of this recipe the perfect fitness dessert, we will add some protein powder; a hydrolyzed will be my choice to lower the carbs in it. 
•4 – 5 slices of bread (try to make a good choice, wholegrain, rye, etc..)
•4 pears ( cut in quarters)
•100 of 90% dark chocolate (the purest the better) 
•3 eggs
•1 teaspoon of cinnamon
•2 cups of sugar free almond milk
•2 teaspoons of vanilla essence (preferable natural).
•1 tablespoon of vanilla or petit beurre hydrolyzed protein.
•¼ cup of granulated stevia (this quantity depends on how sweet you like it).
•Preheat oven to 160°.
•Tear the bread slices into a 20×20 mould along with the pears and scatter the chocolate (more or less size).
•In a bowl, whisk eggs with the cinnamon until well blended.
•Heat on the stove the almond milk, vanilla, protein and stevia over medium high heat (do not stop stirring it) and remove from heat when starts to boil.
•Mix the hot milk with eggs and whisk it well.
•Pour the mixture over the bread, pears and chocolate and bake for 50 minutes or until just set.
•Enjoy this healthy dessert.
By Esther Rico

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