STH PRO 90 Caps

STH PRO 90 Caps

STH Activator is a combination of three amino acids with vitamin B6.

STH Activator makes a formula suitable to stimulate the STH hormone of natural

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STH Pro is a combination of three amino acids with vitamin B6. STH Activator makes a formula suitable to stimulate the STH hormone naturally. This formula  improves the muscular weave formation of the sportsman.

STH Pro also helps to improve the force, the muscular resistance and reduces the healing of small muscular injuries produced by intense training. Adding a few grams of these three amino acids to our daily supplement program we can increase our levels of HGH (Growth Hormone). If we are very young or we need only a modest leap in our production, this can do the trick: Short duration, high intensity exercise will cause our bodies to secrete a significant amount of growth hormone. For bodybuilders, Growth Hormone is the only substance that can really initiate hyperplasia, which is equivalent to new muscle cells. HGH also increases protein synthesis, which may be responsible for hypertrophy. HGH also strengthens and heals connective tissues, cartilage and tendons. This is the reason because it is so attractive to athletes in all sports, and even to achieve regenerate the beauty of the skin can be used in adequate doses by any elite athlete or simple fans of good health. When we are young, HGH (Growth Hormone) is, in large part, responsible for the proper growth of bones, muscles and other tissues. If we produce little hormone we do not develop properly. To the extent that we become adults, HGH is responsible for not losing muscle mass, supports the healthy response of the immune system, regulates aspects of our metabolic functions grappling with increased fat metabolism and maintenance of a Healthy body in old age, maintains and repairs our skin and other tissues. It helps to reduce the levels of fat in the body.

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