Coenzima Q10

Coenzima Q10

Coenzime Q10 powerful antioxidant.

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Coenzima Q10 High Potency

CoEnzyme Q10 High Potency from Beverly Nutrition is the perfect supplement to improve your sport performance and to protect your cells from harmful free radicals.

The CoEnzyme Q10 is a natural substance from our organism that has a vital function in the production of energy through adenosine triphosphate, which turns it into a fundamental element for the growth of muscle and to maintain good health.

When they consume more oxygen than sedentary people, athletics release more free radicals, therefore, it is crucial to reduce the negative effects that these unstable molecules cause.

Using the last scientific innovations in the sports nutrition field, Beverly Nutrition has developed CoEnzyme Q10 High Potency, a supplement of CoEnzyme Q10 that protects you from the harm caused by free radicals and at the same time empowers the production of energy.

The main benefits are the improvement of your performance, it contributes with a strong antioxidant protection and controls the levels of glucose on blood.

Bottle with 60 capsules of 100 mg per cap.



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