TRACE MINERALS revitalizes your body.

KEEP YOUR BODY INTO ALKALINE PHASE and improve your Health and Sport Results  

Trace Mineral is the most sold product in the world which acts powerfully through the combination of trace mineral. Trace Mineral optimizes human body energy providing with the necessary minerals needed to work correctly, basic for elite athletics and amateur to reach their goals.

In a world where there are many athletics and every day people wearing out through training and stress Trace Mineral with more than 72 natural trace ionic minerals, balance the human body's PH avoiding unnecessary fatigue.

It is impossible to underestimate the importance of minerals and trace elements for sporty and non-sporty people when they want to reach their maximum level. Trace Mineral will be the catalysts for all the vitamins and rest of minerals of the body, simultaneously activating in a more precise way your power, energy and muscular development which you were not able to achieve before.

Trace Mineral contains more than 72 natural trace ionic minerals with 99% of sodium eliminated, with high enough levels to provide significant benefits on human bodies. It does not contain toxic metals, such as mercury, lead or arsenic. It is a complete natural product.  

Trace Mineral is specially recommended for:   • To reestablish the minerals lost in situations of physical and mental exhaustion. • To improve your sports performance including more cardiovascular efficiency assimilating the nutrients on the blood serum. • Remarkably improves your muscular development. • It helps to balance the acidity in your blood and tissues allowing instant recovery. • Favors mental and muscular relaxation. • Helps healing when use externally. • Helps with detoxification of the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system. • Reinforces bone strength, teeth and joints. • Regulates intestine functions.  

Envase 2 Oz Fl  

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