XTREME CARNISHOT 4000 the best Carnitine ever made.

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XTREME CARNISHOT 4000 new formula allows its concentration in blood to be multiplied up to four times, increases the body’s ability to use fat as an energy source, increasing performance, reducing the consumption of muscle glycogen and reducing the building up of lactic acid , increasing the muscle’s strength to low concentrations of oxygen, and accelerating the recovery of skeletal muscle fatigue.

XTREME 4000 CARNISHOT Increases 200% VO2max. It significantly optimizes  the transport system and use of oxygen to produce three times more energy by improving muscle strength and increasing the athlete’s maximum consumption of our fatty deposits in the form of explosive energy. Take one vial on intense days in the morning and charge your body and mind with enough energy for the whole day while burning extra fat. No side effects.

Benefits of CARNISHOT XTREME 4000

  • It increases VO2max. substantially optimizing the transport system and oxygen use.
  • It significantly increases oxygen absorption.
  • It increases fat consumption
  • It increases energy from the metabolism of fats
  • It helps to reduce weight
  • It increases resistance to muscle stress
  • It helps to eliminate cholesterol

INGREDIENTS: Contains 4 g L – Carnitinina Base with Vitamin C and Chromium Picolinate. XTREME 4000 CARNISHOT a dietary cocktail that will metabolize more fat while training.

Directions: Take 1 bottle of 30 ml. before training.

Pack with 18 Bottles Lemon splash flavor



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