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ISO XT PROFESSIONAL whey protein is the best whey protein isolate in the world. The whey protein isolate is considered as the best source of protein and the one with the highest bioavailability.

For greater supersaturation, ISO XT PROFESSIONAL whey protein  contains an accurate amount of nanoparticulate amino acid peptides to enhance muscle growth and regeneration.

This exclusive system consists of an anabolic mixture loaded with a high quality of amino acids that have a proven track record in muscle building. No protein on the market adds this extraordinary nutrient.

ISO XT PROFESSIONAL whey protein  has a purity of 97% and 90% in shake. Its formulation has been improved with a vitamin complex of group B, C and E. It is the only product in the world loaded with a large amount of amino acids and a wide range of nutrients for those people who although their goal is not to generate muscle mass, because they will not generate it if they do not load loads of kilos, but it is the most powerful to protect your body muscles, avoiding muscle loss and preventing the body from using muscle protein cells, preventing wear.

ISO XT PROFESSIONAL  is a Whey Isolate obtained by exchange ultrafiltration. Men and women already benefit from our product.

ISO XT PROFESSIONAL  has used a method that uses ionically charged clay resins, which retain the protein and separate it from other components of the whey.

Chemical products are used to adjust the pH, such as sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid. This produces the purest form of whey protein isolate, clean of impurities such as lactose, minerals and fat.


– Proteins 90 gr

– Carbohydrates 2.2 gr

– Fat 1 gr

– Calories 409 cal / 1740 Kj.


 2 kg – 4.4 pounds


Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla & Capuccino Coffe.