MYO3 XPLODE myostation inhibitor.

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One of the most exciting advances in muscle building ever seen!

MYO3 XPLODE is the first clinically proven myostatin inhibitor. This product binds to the point where myostatin binds to the cell, and acts by blocking myostatin present naturally in the body in such a way that it cannot exert its inhibitory influence on the muscle, helping to promote muscle growth.

Using MYO3 XPLODE the skeletal muscle mass will increase up to 40% after its application of only 1 mg per kg of weight per week for 3 months. Muscle strength will potentially double naturally.

WHAT IS MIOSTATIN ?: Myostatin is a protein that consists in its molecular structure of 375 amino acids. Myostatin acts as a negative regulator of muscle mass growth, in other words, it is a highly catabolic or anti-anabolic agent and in contrast to these gene effects, it also promotes lipogenesis and fat accumulation. MYO3 XPLODE will act as inhibitor of myostatin allowing new muscle fibers to be produced and, therefore, there is no limit while taking this product in the generation of muscle mass, thus avoiding the generation of adipose tissue.

PACKAGING: 120 capsules.



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