Lady Meal Replacement Formula

Lady Meal Replacement Formula

Beverly Nutrition has heard us and created the exclusive Lady Delicious Meal, a meal replacement that covers all of our nutritional needs and also help us to get a perfect silhouette.

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Lady Meal Replacement Formula
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Lady Meal Delicious

Girls, at the end, someone has thought about us!

Beverly Nutrition has heard us and created the exclusive Lady Delicious Meal, a meal replacement that covers all of our nutritional needs and also helps us to get a perfect silhouette, helping us to eliminate that pesky body fat and tone your body.

Lady Meal Delicious contains in each dose 21.7 g of 100% concentrate whey protein, a protein of the highest quality and with high bioavailability (assimilable) for the organism. It is very low in fat, sugar and aspartame free, with an ideal ratio of carbohydrates; it only provides 111 calories per serving, which makes it a perfect substitute for one of your meals.

Lady Delicious Meal is enriched with a complex of ingredients specifically studied for the well-being of women such as CLA, L-carnitine, folic acid, DigeZyme, Vitamin C, Biotin, Vitamin E, … Delicious Meal Lady is available in packs of 1 kg (30 doses) and in three delicious and creamy flavors (Strawberry-Cheesecake, Petit Beurre Biscuit, Chocolate-Cookies). There are no excuses to care and show off a slim figure!

Bottle with 1 kg in three delicious flavours:

– Strawberry Cheesecake

– Chocolate Cookies

– Cookie Petit Beurre



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