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CLA 80% 3000

CLA 80% 3000

Packaging: 100 softgels

Flavors: Unflavored

Specifications: Nature Chrome, 100% natural, GMP Product. Gluten free.

CLA 80% 3000 is a naturally occurring nutrient that has a positive effect on the protein and fat metabolism

CLA 80% 3000 from Beverly Nutrition The Safest Weight Loss Product Available With 80% active isomers, CLA-80 is the safest, most natural weight loss supplement on the market today. How safe is it? Safe enough for children. In fact, CLA-80 is now being considered as a safe weight loss option to combat childhood obesity. CLA is also deemed safe by the FDA. Known for its body sculpting properties, CLA-80 or conjugated linoleic acid is a natural source Omega-6 supplement derived from safflower oil. Several research studies prove that CLA inhibits the uptake of fatty cells, having a profound effect on improving the shape of your body. As an unsaturated fatty acid, CLA-80 is naturally found in grass-fed beef, lamb and dairy products. Since most livestock are grain-fed these days, the easiest way to manage your weight is through supplements like CLA-80.

Garcinia cambogia for weight loss

This supplement, CLA-80 targets abdominal fat and has been shown to increase lean muscle mass and enhance fat loss, naturally. In one double blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial published in the International Journal of Obesity, 3 grams of CLA consumed daily decreased abdominal fat in obese men safely in 8 to 12 weeks. The CLA studies also showed that blood parameters and insulin sensitivity were not adversely affected in any of the subjects. The euglycemic hyperinsulinemic clamp study, which is considered the gold standard for measuring insulin resistance, was used to determine how CLA would affect the participants in this study. Results showed that “CLA does not affect glucose metabolism or insulin sensitivity in a population of overweight or obese volunteers.”

Garcinia cambogia for weight loss

It´s so effective because of its ability to inhibit the activity of the enzyme lipoprotein lipase (LPL), which transfers fats from the bloodstream to the fat cells. As a result of the decrease in LPL activity by CLA, the transport of fat into fat cells is blocked. Therefore, CLA helps to reduce the size of fat cells in the body by preventing LPL from doing its job. At the same time, CLA encourages the breakdown of stored body fat (lipolysis). This increases the body’s metabolism, which allows the body to burn fat quicker. Further studies have shown that CLA also increases the breakup of cells (apoptosis), resulting in a decreased number of existing fat cells. In other words, CLA limits the amount of fat that enter the fat cells, stimulates the breakdown of stored fat that is already present in the body and aids in the elimination of fat cells.

The importance of increasing muscle mass

Did you know that increasing the amount of lean muscle in your body will help you to burn more calories? CLA-80 helps to increase lean muscle, which results in a higher metabolism that will help you to burn more calories and reduce fat rapidly.

The relationship between garcinia cambogia and L carnitine

This supplement also increases the activity of the enzyme carnitine palmitoyltransferase (CPT), which is present in skeletal muscles and is responsible for the transport of fatty acids into the mitochondria, where energy production takes place. With the increased activity of CPT, CLA accelerates the transport of fat into the mitochondria. All these steps increase beta-oxidation, which helps the body to burn more fat. In turn, fat cells in the body are reduced, as there is no additional fat being stored in the fat cells, and there is an increased burning of stored fat, which reduces the size of these fatty cells, resulting in a leaner, more sculpted body shape.
Increases metabolism Reduces abdominal fat Enhances muscle growth and immune system Lowers cholesterol, triglycerides and insulin resistance Reduces food-induced allergic reactions
How and when to use it Take 1 softgel 1-3 times daily before meals or as recommended by your physician.
Nutrition facts

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