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PROTEBAR Banana 33% Protein

PROTEBAR Banana 33% Protein

33% Protein, only 158 calories with minerals and delicious too!

33% Protein, only 158 calories with minerals and delicious too!

Discover the revolution in nutrition with our new PROTEBAR Banana Protein Bar! With an impressive 33% protein this delicious bar is a sustained energy source that will delight you with its irresistible banana flavour. A melt-in-your-mouth bar with a delicious taste, will you be able to eat just one?

Imagine a perfect combination of nutrition and pleasure, designed to satisfy your cravings while taking care of your body. Our bar is a delicious option and a source of high quality protein. PROTEBAR adapts to your active lifestyle whether you’re at the gym or on the go.

Created with carefully selected ingredients, this bar helps you reach your nutritional goals with a unique taste experience. The fresh banana flavour combines with a perfect texture to create an explosion of flavour.

You no longer have to sacrifice taste for healthy nutrition, with our PROTEBAR you get the best of both worlds. Discover the new era of protein bars and take your wellness to the next level with every bite!

– 33% protein

– Only 158 calories

– With Minerals

– Palm Oil Free

– Gluten Free

How to use: Take one bar before, after exercise or whenever you need an extra energy boost.

Box: 24 bars of 40 g each.

Remember that our products are a food supplement and must never substitute a varied and balanced diet. They are only presented in order to complement the consumption of nutrients in a normal diet. They do not treat, prevent, diagnose or cure any illness.