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Ultra Vitamin B100

Ultra Vitamin B100

Packaging: 60 softgels

Flavor: Unflavored

Specifications: Nature Chrome, 100% natural, GMP Product.


ULTRA VITAMIN B100 is a super advanced formula that contains all the vitamins of the B complex plus vitamins C and E.

ULTRA VITAMIN B100 is a super advanced formula that contains all the vitamins of complex B plus vitamins C and E. Vitamins of the complex B are water-soluble, which means that the body cannot store them, therefore, they must be replaced daily. Vitamins B are essential for growth and help the body to break down and use food, which is called metabolism.

ULTRA VITAMIN B100 has high amounts of each ingredient (100% VRN) to guarantee the power and efficacy of the product.


B1 (Thiamine): It helps body cells to convert carbohydrates into energy.

B2 (Riboflavin): It is important for body growth and the production of red blood cells. It helps to release the energy of carbohydrates.

B3 (Niacin): It takes part in the functioning of the digestive system, skin and nerves. It is also effective in converting food into energy.

B5 (Pantothenic Acid): It helps to break down carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

B6: It is used to help to break down proteins.

B8 (Biotin): It helps to break down proteins and carbohydrates.

B12: It is important for metabolism, it helps in the formation of red blood cells and it improves the functioning of the central nervous system.

B9 (Folic acid): It helps the body to create new cells. It is essential for women of childbearing age.

C (L-ascorbic acid): It has a powerful antioxidant effect and it helps to keep the immune system healthy.

E (Dl-alpha tocopherol acetate): It has a powerful antioxidant effect that protects cell membranes from oxidation.

How and when to use it

as a food supplement, take 1 softgel daily with a meal or as recommended by your physician.

Nutrition facts

Remember that our products are a food supplement and must never substitute a varied and balanced diet. They are only presented in order to complement the consumption of nutrients in a normal diet. They do not treat, prevent, diagnose or cure any illness.