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Zero Supreme Protein Bar

Zero Supreme Protein Bar

Packaging: Display with 24 bars of 45 gr

Flavours: Chocolate-Orange, Chocolate-Hazelnut, Cookies.

Specifications: Hyperprotein bars low in fats and sugars with excellent flavour.

The definitive bar is here! We introduce you the new and revolutionary ZERO SUPREME PROTEIN BAR from our healthy MrFood line: a hyperproteic, healthy and truly delicious bar.

The definitive bar is here! We present the new and revolutionary ZERO SUPREME PROTEIN BAR from our healthy MrFood line, a hyperprotein, healthy and truly delicious bar.   ZERO SUPREME contains, depending on the flavor, between 31.1% and 32.2% protein of the highest biological value, as it combines whey protein concentrate and isolate, micellar casein, calcium caseinate and egg white .   Our quality product is characterized by its low concentration of sugars (between 2.2 g-2.3 g per bar), its high fiber content and its low caloric intake (between 175 kcal-178 kcal per bar).   In addition to this, our highest quality protein bar does not contain palm oil or aspartame, the fats used are of vegetable origin (sunflower and coconut) and it is available in three really delicious flavors (chocolate-orange, chocolate-hazelnut and cookies) , which make it an excellent alternative to consume after training or as a snack for when a protein intake is needed. Without any doubt, this quality protein bar will mark a before and after in the market. Enjoy this quality product and the convenience of being able to consume it anywhere.   Presentation: 24 bars of 45 g Flavors: Chocolate-Orange, Chocolate-Hazelnut, Cookies.
Training recovery Increased Muscle Mass Increases strength and endurance   Do not miss the possibility of increasing your muscle growth and your sports performance. With this high-quality food you can quickly recover from workouts.
How and when to use it Take one bar before or after training.

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