Protein coffee, the new mixture of protein and coffee created by tiktok users

Proffé: Protein coffee or procafé, the new mixture of protein and coffee created by TikTok users that went viral and aroused the concern of doctors.

In previous articles, we have talked about other misleading trends on the Tiktok social network. These are proposals that come from the hand of users who literally “invent” and experiment with their own bodies, and invite other users to replicate their inventions and experiences through this social network.

Various videos have become popular in which we see different people preparing a mixture called by its creators “proffé”: a mixture between coffee with whey protein or espresso with concentrated milk with a high amount of protein.

protein caffe

Tiktok users claim that this blend helps build muscle and raises energy levels, as well as burning more calories.

In our professional opinion, we consider that this statement is of doubtful veracity and we will explain why.

Experts say that this mixture is dangerous and that it can lead to irregular heart rhythms and excess blood sugar.

Protein coffee: the opinion of a professional

Andrea Chernus, from Chernus Nutrition, affirms that taking two espresso shots is consuming a lot of caffeine, almost as much as having three cups of coffee, and depending on the way our body metabolizes coffee, it can remain in our system for a long time, affect heart rhythm and cause cardiac arrhythmias.

The professional also maintains that protein with added sugar, in addition to sweeteners, can raise blood sugar and blood carbohydrates.

The advice of the professionals is to maintain the pre-workout and post-workout routines that work for everyone, following the traditional methods.

According to Frederick Davis of the Long Island Medical Association (Jewish Medical Center), not all nutritional combinations work for everyone. For some, this combination can be harmful and therefore these people should be prevented.

The advice of professionals is indicated for the general population. However, if you still want to try the proffé, consuming it once or twice will not harm you.

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Our Recommendation

Traditional methods, ie fat burners, pre and post-workout, and other supplements approved by the medical community do not harm people without pre-existing health problems.

The doctors mentioned here emphasize that just because this coffee is a trend on TikTok does not mean that it is a good idea to drink it.


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