STH PRO is a combination of three amino acids that, together with vitamin B6, creates a perfect formula to stimulate HGH naturally. Its synchronized operation helps to improve formation of muscle tissue for any athlete.

Arginina Ornitina Lisina Beverly Nutrition

Amino acids

STH Pro Xtreme Tank

Packaging: 90 capsules

Flavors: Unflavored

Specifications: Chrome Series. Doping Free Garantee. Super Hardcore Formula. GMP Product. Kosher Certification.


High intensity training causes the body to segregate a significant quantity of growth hormone. For body-builders, the HGH the only substance that can really start hyperplasia or, the same thing, new muscle cells.

HGH also increases protein synthesis which can be responsible for hypertrophy. HGH strengthens and cures connective tissues, cartilage and tendons. These are the uses that make it so attractive to athletes in all sports and even for regenerating the skin. It can be used in adequate doses by any elite athlete or any person looking for a healthy life.

When we are young, HGH is largely responsible for adequate growth of the bones, muscles and other tissues. If we produce very little of this hormone, we do not develop adequately. As we become adults, HGH is responsible for avoiding loss of muscle mass, supporting the healthy response of the immune system, regulating aspects of our metabolic functions as well as the increase of fat metabolism and with the maintenance of a healthy body in old age, repairing our skin and other tissues. Helps to reduce the levels of fat in the body.

Improves strength

Improves muscle resistance

Reduces scarring on small muscle injuries produced by intense training

Increases levels of HGH

Helps to reduce the levels of fat in the body

Take one capsule before going to sleep or as indicated by your nutritionist.

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