Beverly Nutrition has been thinking about athletes and has developed WAXY MAIZE XT, an amylopectin that provides the necessary energy and helps to optimize performance during training.

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WAXY MAIZE XT is a carbohydrate, more specifically a polysaccharide consisting of a branch structure which in itself consists of multiple units of glucose.

This new product is totally recommended for athletes that undergo intense training.

Amilopectina Beverly Nutrition


Waxy Maize XT

Packaging: 3kg

Flavors: Unflavored

Specifications: Super Hardcore Formula; Doping Free Guarantee. Kosher Certification. Halal Certification. GMP.


WAXY MAIZE XT is a carbohydrate with high molecular weight and low osmolarity. The molecular weight tells us the degradation rate of the molecular structure upon entering the body. The higher the rate, the lower the degradation. A high molecular weight indicates the degradation of one less number of glucose molecules, thus providing efficient and optimum refill of our glycogen reserves practically without altering our blood sugar (insulin) and reducing possible hypoglycemia after training. Its low osmolarity shows that it won’t absorb water or stomach fluids, thus reducing problems such as cramps and stomach pain due to its rapid movement through the stomach.

Helps to improve sport performance.

Favors the process of muscle recovery after training.

Helps to delay the appearance of fatigue.

Helps to restore glycogen reserves.

Increases energy during training.

Mix 60 gr (1 scoop) in 300-350 ml of cold water or with your favorite drink. Mix until completely dissolved and drink 60 g before training and 60 g after training, or as advised by your nutritionist.

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