XTREME CARNISHOT 4000 is the perfect carnitine. The new formula of XTREME CARNISHOT 4000 allows the concentration of carnitine in the blood to multiply by up to four times.

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Contains 4g of L-Carnitine with Vitamin C and Chromium picolinate. XTREME CARNISHOT 4000 is a dietetic cocktail that will metabolize more fat while training.

Carnitina Líquida Beverly Nutrition

Fat Burner

Xtreme Carnishot 4000

Packaging: 18 shots

Flavor: Lemon

Specifications: Doping Free Garantee. Super Hardcore Formula. GMP Product.


It increases the max. VO2 by 200%, significantly optimizing the system for transport and use of oxygen in order to produce more energy, improving the athlete’s muscle strength three times and increasing to the maximum the consumption of fatty deposits in the form of explosive energy.

It increases the organic capacity to use fat as a source of energy, reducing the consumption of muscle glycogen and reducing the accumulation of lactic acid, increasing muscle resistance to low concentrations of oxygen and accelerating the recovery of the skeletal muscle from fatigue.

Significantly increases the capture of oxygen

Increases fat consumption

Increases energy through metabolization of the fats

Helps to lose weight Fat burner

Increases muscle resistance

Increases performance

Reduces the consumption of muscle glycogen and reduces the accumulation of lactic acid

Accelerates recovery of the skeletal muscle from fatigue

Helps to eliminate cholesterol

1 shot 20-30 minutes before training or as indicated by your nutritionist.

Carnitina Beverly Nutrition

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