These are your 5 breakfasts for your slender figure.


Do you like to be fit? In this article we will discuss the first meal of the day, which you may never skip in order to have a great figure.
Do not breakfast whatever. Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. So choosing sugar and fat packed options is not the best for you. Instead, choosing the right amount of protein and clean carbs, will help you maintain your energy levels through the morning and will ward off fat.
The importance of breakfast. The first meal you do every day, largely determines the results you have in your body composition. If you want to have less fat in your waist, more energy and tone muscles, never set aside your breakfast, for only this way, you will ensure that the rest of your meals during the day will carry out the perfect sequence. It is a chain, where if you start your day with the right options, you will assimilate the rest in a proper way.
Here you have 5 different breakfast options to choose from, and remember, never never skip breakfast.
1. LOW FAT CEREAL, LOW FAT MILK, BANANA and HYDROLIZED PROTEIN: This is a great combination, especially now that there are low carb cereals available, please make sure you read the list of ingredients and that there are not hidden sugars. Add some skim milk the banana and a scoop of your favorite protein. Don’t be afraid of the bit of fructose in the banana, at this time of the day it will not affect your. INSTRUCTIONS: It’s as simple as mixing all the ingredients together and enjoy your cereals.
2. HAM SANDWICH WITH TURKEY AND WHOLE WHEAT OR EZQUIEL BREAD: Another excellent choice, whole wheat bread, ham and turkey breast and low fat cheese. This is a magnificent breakfast. You can add some vegetables, such as lettuces, tomatoes, spinaches and even avocado. One more thing to remember is your choice of bread, make sure it is a whole portion, EZQUIEL bread is always a winner. 
3. OMELETE WITH SPINACH AND MUSHROOMS: Want to have a low fat breakfast, rich in high biological protein value like egg? Look no further, adding also mushrooms and some low fat cheese will make of this omelet the perfect breakfast. INSTRUTIONS: Chop the vegetables and add them to the bitten eggs. If you are not good cooking your omelet, remember you can always scramble them. 
4. CHOPPED FRUIT WITH COTTAGE CHEESE AND TOAST: This breakfast is a classic one. Cottage cheese is always a great low fat choice, it contains a lot of calcium and fruit is its perfect match. Don’t forget about your choice of bread and a nice cup of just brew coffee to have a splendid morning. INSTRUCTIONS: Put all the ingredients together and blend them to your taste. Enjoy¡¡¡¡
5. PACKED INSTANT OATMEAL& PROTEIN MILKSHAKE: This is probably the fastest breakfast and very suitable for those always on the run. You can choose skim milk, oats, rice, soy or almond drinks, instant oat meal and protein powder. Remember Beverly Nutrition has a great range of flavors to choose from. INSTRUCTIONS: Put all the ingredients in your blender and get ready for a delicious quick breakfast.