Five protein foods that will help us to maintain weight.

Five protein foods that will help us to maintain weight.

Protein for your diet

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Caring for food is something we usually do all of us when it comes to getting a perfect body and health aesthetically. So in this post we want to contribute to this, and for this we will stop in five high-protein foods that nourish addition will also help us maintain proper weight.



First we will stop in a classic when we get protein without jeopardizing the diet, it comes from soybeans. This food we can find presented differently and they all contain high amounts of high quality protein and essential fatty acids that help us maintain correct levels of body fat. Yes, they have a low satiating power compared to other such foods.




Secondly we will highlight the eggs as a food that gives us one of the most comprehensive types of protein that exists. True, the fat intake of this food is also high, but if we separate the white from the yolk and eat only the clear, considerably diminishes the amount of fat. Of course, keep in mind that the satiating power of this food is greater than soybeans, and is situated in between.




Dairy products are another type of food that contains high amounts of protein. But we not only provide this, but also have high doses of vitamins and minerals. It is true that these nutrients that provide can be replaced with other foods, as there are many people who do not tolerate milk or properly assimilated. Yes, their satiating power is high, preventing eating more food.




Meat is another type of food that contains high amounts of protein. It is true that meat proteins have all the amino acids the body needs, though almost always usually accompanied by saturated fatty acids that do you no good to our body. It is therefore recommended intake of meats like chicken or turkey, which contain much less fat. To this we must add its satiating power, which is high. The same applies to the fish, only fatty acids it contains are much healthier to be omega-3 and omega-6.




Legumes are other protein food. His satiating power is less than that of other foods, but their protein content is high and very helpful in preventing fat intake in the diet and increase the amount of minerals that bring us, because this food is high in vitamins and minerals, very useful to the body.