How to start to work your abs

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We usually take the abs work eager and the truth is that it is a work to be taken in stride. Abs, like other muscle, need their adaptation period and go from low to high intensity to avoid excessive fatigue and injury. This volume does not gain muscle easily, so we have to be patient. It is important to know how to start doing crunches.


You do not have to do series of sit-ups every day. This muscle also needs his rest period, especially if we want to gain volume. You can start working it 2-3 days a week and doing a couple of sets of 10-15 repetitions. Every week we gradually increase the number of repetitions and each month the number of series.


Another important aspect is the range of abdominal exercises; try not to repeat the exercise worked yesterday. Thus we approach the abdominals with different movements and the work is more complete. By this we mean to do more than the usual standard crunches and oblique looking for work and not just the rectus abdominals.


Let the complicated exercises with elements such as fit ball, bosu or pulleys for later. A simple mat or abdominal bench will be enough to get into the abdominal work. The important thing at the beginning is able to perform the move correctly, so do not hesitate to ask the monitor if you do well and may be useful to start putting the mirror side to discuss how to make the move.


Also abdominal stretch and flexibility is an important work. Excess abdominal muscle exercise can contracture or vary the degree of pelvic scale (remember that the abdominal inserted into the pubis), so it does not hurt to do flexibility exercises often and stop if we find that the muscle suffers in some time routine.

The guy running or aerobic workout swimming is also another way to work your abs. The function of this muscle is to keep upright the trunk, so that any activity in which we try to keep the trunk straight despite the movement will benefit from this muscle.