Three tips to burn fat quickly


Three tips to burn fat quickly – Beverly Nutrition

Sometimes keeping a diet or an exercise routine can be a difficult goal to maintain. However, there are also practical actions that help you burn fat and to maintain a healthier life.

According to a study by the Harvard Medical School in the US, cold stimulates the brain; it sends the order to the body to burn calories.

Put everything in your favor 

There are also easy habits can help to burn fat. Here we tell you three of them.

1. Breakfast: According to a research from the University of Massachusetts, people who skip breakfast are four times more likely to end up being obese than those who eat breakfast. The study also showed that men who do not have breakfast reduce the risk of obesity by nearly 50%.

2. Eat all: According to Raquel Nogués, head of unit The unit of Nutrition Teknon Medical Center, you cannot afford to ignore any nutrient. You should eat everything in perspective.

3. Eat fat, but the good one: Researchers at the City of Hope Medical Center in the United States say that eating foods rich in healthy fats (oleic acid, Omega-3 fatty acids.) are excellent for weight loss. Burning fat naturally tips and wearing a stunning body. Try it!





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