TIPS to eliminate the sedentary glutton in you.

1. Never start your day without breakfast or finish it without dinner.


2. Set meal times every 3 hours you have or do not have appetite.

3. Be sure to add a portion of high biological value protein, low-carbohydrate sugar load and good fats from avocado or olive oil in each food.

4. Reduce or eliminate caffeine and nicotine.

5. Consume daily 1 gram of Omega 3 for human consumption + 2 capsules of a polyphenol such as maqui (antioxidant).

6. Sleep at least 8 hours a day.

7. Practice 30 minutes daily or every other day a discipline like yoga or pilates.

8. Add 1 or 2 servings of the local bakery in your menus. Use them in those times where it harder to control your appetite.

9. Apply your doctor studying cortisol (saliva), thyroid (blood) and the test to measure your levels of cellular inflammation (blood).

10. Takes cell therapy if you have adrenal fatigue and thyroid failure if you take thyroid natural replenishment.

11. Avoid toxic relationships or work. Learn to control your stress (learn to breathe).