Top 5 in supplements for your training.

Below I detail the supplements that you should have in your hand if you want to develop your muscle mass and obtain desired is a big dry and rocky muscle results. I detail also how you should consume, the amounts and the ideal time to take them.


1. Whey protein.



BENEFIT: Increase volume, definition, muscle enhancer of our capabilities.

If there is a supplement that suggests the individual with a limited budget is whey protein.
Research shows that this fast digesting protein is rich in branched amino acids and promotes hypertrophy, especially when it is eaten around the time of exercise. It also contains peptides, which increase the blood supply to the muscles.

Take it before training helps the supply of more oxygen, nutrients and anabolic hormones to muscles, which means more energy. For training, increased congestion and better muscle recovery and muscle development after exercise.

DOSE: Take 20 grams of serum for 30 minutes before training and 40 grams for the next 30 minutes. Also consume 20-40 grams nothing more waking to stop muscle breakdown resulting overnight fast.


2. Creatine.



BENEFITS: Increased mass and strength, increased muscle strength.

Some supplements come into play making too much noise, and their impact vanishes when athletes prove that the results are scarce and scientists demonstrate its ineffectiveness. But here creatine supplement that provides all its initial promises.

If you consumed before and after workouts helps the continuous production of energy that muscles need for repetition after repetition in gym. This energy supply is the major reason that creatine supplementation leads to strength gains and muscular endurance.
But their impact on development may be the most significant: to bring water to the muscles increase in size and stretches, instigating development.
DOSAGE: Take 3-5 grams of creatine before and after training, added to the pre and post exercise shakes.


3. Branched amino acids (BCAA).

BCAA 8: 1: 1-100 Caps 


BENEFITS: Increased strength and muscle size, increase energy and fat burning

The leucine, isoleucine and valine are the most important for the creation, development and repair of muscle tissue.

BCAA, especially leucine stimulates protein synthesis in muscle cells process in which the muscle protein is formed and muscles develop. Also they enhance the release of insulin, critical after workouts because it stimulates hypertrophy and transported to muscle cells other amino acids, glucose and creatine.

And even more: research shows that BCAAs reduce levels of cortisol, a catabolic hormone that blocks the anabolic effects of testosterone and increases muscle breakdown, since cortisol levels are higher after exercise and morning . At present, it is critical to take BCAA.

These amino acids are vital not only to provide energy to the muscles during training but also to reduce fatigue. In a study I reported that people who took BCAA trained for eight weeks around training time noticeably increased strength and muscle size, and lost fat.

DOSE: Take 5-15 grams of BCAA nothing get up out of bed and to your pre and post workout shakes.
Think also add another dose of night prayer. If you have never taken BCAA, start carefully. Take the first 5 to 10 grams for the stomach learns to tolerate.


4. Beta-alanine.


BENEFIT: Increased strength and muscle mass, increases strength and fat loss.

> This amino acid in the body is combined with the amino acid histidine to form carnosine. The muscles have a high level of carnosine have more strength and endurance, and research shows that athletes supplemented with beta-alanine can lift more weight for longer, which means that the beta-alanine instead favors and heavy series light.
But perhaps the most recognized benefit of beta-alanine is its ability to promote the effects of a supplement to the top of the list: creatine. One study reported that consuming beta-alanine added to creatine got more muscle and lost more fat than those who only took creatine.
DOSAGE: Take 1-3 grams of beta.alanina immediately before and after training.



Nitric oxide rich product 


BENEFIT: Increased energy, muscle building, fat burning.

The nitric oxide (NO) is a molecule found throughout the body and is involved in the dilation of the veins, thereby increasing blood flow to the muscles, to bring more oxygen, glucose, fat and amino acids.

This result in increased energy production, which means to train harder for longer. In fact, a recent study by the British University of Exeter assure that individuals taking the popular ingredient in NO, L-arginine before exercise high intensity trained for a 20% longer than when they consumed a placebo.

Bring more blood to the muscles means getting more congested in training, which does more than impress fellow gym: congestion stretching the membranes of muscle cells and gives the signal for growth.

A study by Baylor University in Waco, Texas, found that individuals taking an enhanced NO 30 minutes before workouts rose nearly 3 kilos of muscle in four weeks, while those who consumed a placebo only got 1. Another benefit of NO it has shown to promote lipolysis, releasing fat from fat cells.

DOSE: Seek products that include ingredients arginine citrulline, GPLC or pycnogenol. Take one dose of NO enhancer chosen 30 or 45 minutes before training.