When to take amino acids

Amino acids are absolutely essential to a healthy diet. They are the building blocks of protein, and so as you might imagine, they are found in any food that contains protein. They work hard inside the body to repair and restore tissues, provide energy, work on mood and brain function, and help you build muscle and strength. Some studies even show that they help with fat loss. Understanding when amino acids should be taken can help your body work at its optimum level. If you are working out quite often, it can actually help your body get a jump-start on recovery.

When I have Take Amino Acids

If you are thinking about taking amino acids, keep in mind that there are certain times when it is best to take them, and other times when they might be less effective.

When to Take Amino Acids as a Runner

If you are a runner or a swimmer, the best time to take amino acids is right before your workout, and again right after. If you are planning on running for distance, such as those who engage in marathons, consider drinking a diluted amino acid supplement in your water as you run. Each of these methods will help keep your body in tip-top shape.

When to Take Amino Acids as a Weight Lifter

If you are lifting weights, the best time to inject amino acids is actually during the workout. This means that you should start your workout, get warmed up; then take your amino acid supplement before you continue. Taking the amino acids in the middle of your workout can enhance your body’s recovery and give you the maximum results.