Why dine and not dine Hydrates

Why not dine HYDRATES


A maximum of fitness, which are most professional bodybuilders, is not put large amounts of carbohydrates at night, because as after not going to exercise these fill the glycogen stores of the body and, not being emptied, the rest is transformed into fat to store that energy intake.
The topic that we heard often is «never targets hydrates from 18h in the afternoon,» so you assure that carbohydrates not to transform into fat, eating only a little protein and unsaturated fat that brings many benefits.
While on stage volume can be seen as steps into the bodybuilder diet amounts of rice or baked potato to ensure muscle, thrusting energy and thus not catabolize, they objectify they do, not because fattening, but to safeguard the muscle being created at this stage, while the protein definition is the queen of the dinner.



However, at the other end of the scale they are those who say that whenever the amounts of macro nutrients needed by the individual daily no matter the hour when they eat carbohydrates, are respected even if a plate of rice gets into dinner. If you need a specific amount of carbohydrates daily we must secure and therefore not fatten.
These studies exemplified cyclists, tennis players, football players, marathoners … athletes who stick at any time of day carbohydrates, either in the morning or evening, and they never have a very high rate of fat, it’s all they have a body fat far below the average of a normal person.
They proclaim loudly the myth of hydrates at dinner and which are vital for recovery in any sport, whether cardiovascular or intense exercise such as weights, even when it is idle 30% of the calories consumed come from this macronutrient, so as defending, you can put any time because always they will use.