Write your tricks to improve the weight training.

Write your tricks to improve the weight training.
Exercise with weights, whether of toning or hypertrophy, can be improved by small details that often overlooked and that to collect those all would give us a good boost in our training. Here are a few tips:
• If you’re a novice take it easy, your muscles will not grow in a day by hit you the great beating, on the contrary can injure you and depart from the gym a season.
• Train a maximum of 3-4 days per week: often falls into the mistake of training every day and even repeated muscle group. This can lead (especially at the beginning) to an overtraining which won’t recover to the muscles to adapt to the training and in the long run will make that training does not cause growth or muscle toning.
• The base of the food is not protein and carbohydrates: another common mistake is to think that many more proteins eat more muscle will grow. It is shown that with a relatively normal amount to proteins we consume on a daily basis is sufficient for the input protein needed by the muscle, everything else will be excesses.
• Five meals a day, you will ensure that you have reservations for the time of training. If your goals are the winning weight-based muscle can expand to 6 or 7 daily meals.
• Before training is highly recommended to consume a source of carbohydrate complexes to have an extra contribution of energy in the training session. Remember the post of the banana before training.
• During training or just before it is not very suitable to consume any food, since blood would divert to the digestive tract for digestion and that remaining blood to the muscles. You should only drink water or isotonic drinks during training.
• After training the body is very receptive to capture nutrients after the State of wear to which you have referred to it. Experts recommend making a meal of half an hour after training to replenish energy (carbohydrates) and repair muscle fibers (proteins).
• Consumes proteins of high biological value: i.e., proteins that have an appropriate proportion of essential amino acids that your body cannot manufacture. Foods such as egg, fish and meat are proteins of high biological value.
And remember the most important thing is not having muscles up to behind the ears, but go slowly and that there is a harmony between the work of different muscle groups to avoid falling into the circle of the lesions. And if you complement the work of weights with aerobic work 3-4 times a week better than better.