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Protein Complex Vegan Delicatesse

Protein Complex Vegan Delicatesse

Packaging: 900 g

Flavors: Chocolate Cookies, Petit Beurre, Strawberry White Chocolate.

Specifications: Super Hardcore Formula; Doping Free Guarantee. Halal Certification. GMP.

Protein Complex Vegan Delicatesse contains a mixture of plant protein isolate of the highest biological value: pea, rice and the Exclusive Superfood Mix with moringa, chlorella, chia seeds, spirulina, psyllium and wheat bran. Perfect for those who need an extra dose of proteins (vegan proteins) in a healthy way. Free from aspartame, lactose and cholesterol.

Pea protein isolate: source of plant protein with high fiber content and no fat content, rich in minerals, amino acids and vitamins. Rice protein isolate: rice is rich in lysine, starch and amylopectin. It is one of the most digestive. Maltodextrin: supplement that provides energy very quickly, therefore it is used for very intense training, whether strength or resistance. Formed by quick-absorption carbohydrates, it comes from foods such as rice, potato and corn. It is 100% natural. Quinoa: pseudo-cereal rich in proteins (23% approximately), minerals, vitamins, niacin, phosphorous, amino acids and fats (Omega 6). Chlorella: type of green seaweed from fresh water, it has the highest chlorophyll content on the planet. High in proteins, vitamins and minerals. Among its many properties, it has the capacity to eliminate toxins from the body. Chia seeds: the biggest plant source for Omega 3 fatty acids. Contain antioxidants, proteins, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and fiber. Help to control cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Spirulina: seaweed with a cocktail of vitamins and minerals, folic acid and essential acids. Contains so much chlorophyll that it is considered a source of oxygen. Moringa: also called moranga or “miraculous tree”. Its leaves have countless nutrients. It is also antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, reduces cholesterol and protects cardiovascular health. As an interesting side-note, its seeds purify water. Psyllium seeds: Psyllium is the shell of the plantago seed. Every 100 g contains 71 g of fiber, therefore it is used as weight control. It reduces the appetite, improves digestion and is purifying.
Increases musclemass Maintains the muscle mass after practicing any type of sport. Eliminates toxins from the body Helps to control cholesterol levels and blood pressure Improves digestion and reduces appetite Strengthens the immune system.
How and when to use it
Have 1 scoop (30 g) diluted in 200 ml of water. Mix until fully dissolved. Have after training, when you need an extra dose of protein or as indicated by your nutritionist. For an exquisite flavor, we recommend making your protein shake with rice milk, soy milk or almond milk.
Nutrition facts

Remember that our products are a food supplement and must never substitute a varied and balanced diet. They are only presented in order to complement the consumption of nutrients in a normal diet. They do not treat, prevent, diagnose or cure any illness.