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Ultra Omega, 3 -35/25

Ultra Omega, 3 -35/25

Packaging: 100 softgels

Flavors: Unflavored

Specifications: Nature Chrome, 100% natural, GMP Product.

ULTRA OMEGA 3 35/25 is a product based on fish oil with a high concentration of EPA (350 mg) and DHA (250 mg) and Vitamin E

ULTRA OMEGA 3 35/25 is a product based on fish oil with a high concentration of EPA (350 mg) and DHA (250 mg) and Vitamin E.

ULTRA OMEGA 3 35/25 has been molecularly distilled. This means that, through advanced technology, all the toxic substances found in fish oils have been eliminated. Through this process, a pure, clean and toxin-free fish oil is obtained, which allows a safe consumption for the human being.

Fish oil without molecular distillation can contain everything that the animal has ingested, including all kinds of toxins, contaminants and organic mercury compounds among other harmful substances. Molecular distillation is the only method until today that can remove heavy metals, dioxins and other toxic substances.

This new form of fish oil offers a cutting edge product, which concentrates omega 3 essential fatty acids and eliminates saturated fats and toxic waste while it maintains all the beneficial properties of fatty acids. The omega 3 fatty acids belong to the group of essential acids. This means that our body cannot produce them by itself, so we have to provide them to the body through food, as they contribute to the prevention of various diseases.


It maintains the cardiovascular system healthy as it helps to regulate cholesterol levels and triglycerides and reduce blood lipids.

It helps to reduce blood sugar levels.

It reduces the level of inflammation in the body. It is recommended for people who suffer from arthritis, rheumatism and gout, because it avoids episodes of pain because of inflammation, especially in the joints.

It helps to regulate blood pressure.

It helps to reduce blood clotting and the risk of thrombi.

It helps to improve the functioning of blood flow.

It helps to prevent the appearance of attention deficit disorder.

It helps to prevent macular degeneration, so it helps to have a healthier view.

It helps to improve concentration, helping to a correct brain function.

It helps to fight against insomnia.

How and when to use it

as a food supplement, take 2 sofgels daily with a meal or as recommended by your physician.

Nutrition facts

Remember that our products are a food supplement and must never substitute a varied and balanced diet. They are only presented in order to complement the consumption of nutrients in a normal diet. They do not treat, prevent, diagnose or cure any illness.