Losing weight on Tiktok, a dangerous choice

Losing weight on TikTok seems possible, the social network has become a new guide with weight loss techniques and questionable exercise guides. Right now the most viral thing on the platform is the “dance to lose weight.”

Although it seems that losing weight on TikTok is possible, I am sorry to tell you that this is not the case. The social network has become a landscape full of false promises, at first glance it can be difficult to detect problems. We discovered that many of the tips that appear on this social network are actually lies.

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Weight loss content on Tiktok

From stomach teas to detox supplements and different ways to lose weight and get fit. It is possible to find this and much more on this platform that currently contains large amounts of information that are renewed daily.

TikTok user @ janny14906 has created what is currently known as the dance to lose weight through a video in which a one-minute fragment of this dance is seen that seems fun.

However, when we investigate where this invention comes from, we discover that in reality, the profile of the person who apparently created it reveals a serious and worrying image.

This somewhat anonymous person has over 3 million followers and fills his posts with misleading, medically inaccurate claims and offensive captions.

“Do you allow yourself to be obese?”

“As long as you enjoy the slim together”

mejor quemador de grasa abdominal comprar españa BURNER EXTREME TANK Losing weight on tiktok

The danger of this proposal to lose weight on Tiktok

While this may seem like another trend on the internet, it does not seem to be the case, since the majority of TikTok’s audience is made up of teenagers. Offering unfounded guarantees can be dangerous for a group of young people who are easily impressed.

All people are vulnerable to the negative effects of this type of content. In the least worrisome scenario, these videos can leave a person disappointed by not being able to achieve the exact aesthetic they were promised.

In a worst-case scenario, this content that encourages people to seek thinness at any cost can trigger eating disorders and compulsive behaviors.

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Carnitina Líquida Beverly Nutrition
Carnitina Líquida Beverly Nutrition

The word from the pros on Tiktok weight loss videos

“It still amazes me that social media platforms are often the first place people go for health and nutrition advice. Rather than a professional or even a close friend.”

“Once I got over the humor of this TikToker movement, I was surprised by how many people saw it and probably believed it, which is scary!”

“I can laugh because I know how to separate medical fact from fiction, but most people who watch are not equipped with that knowledge to believe it.”

Shilpi Agarwal, M.D., a Georgetown University faculty physician.

“It is impossible to focus on fat in one particular area.”

“Creating this false expectation leads to the inevitable feeling most of us have about fad diets and exercise trends: There is something wrong with ‘us’ because it didn’t work the way it was supposed to. “

“Publications like this value primarily outward appearance. In truth, a six-pack is genetically created or requires significant changes in diet and exercise.”

Joanne Schell, Certified Nutrition Coach and Founder of Blueberry Nutrition

Quemador de grasa para mujeres Beverly Nutrition Losing weight on tiktok
Quemador de grasa para mujeres Beverly Nutrition

Why is it not advisable to search for weight loss tips on Tiktok?

The main problem with looking to lose weight on TikTok is that the main goal is to make your own body look like the bodies on TikTok or Instagram.

These bodies are often unrealistic and images are subject to editing and filtering.

The weight loss videos on Tiktok show decontextualized exercises of the person performing the physical activity, advising that anyone who performs this exercise will achieve the figure of that person.

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Anticelulítico Beverly Nutrition

Losing weight: Other cases of viral videos to lose weight

Such is the case with TikTok abs training which is apparently “taking advantage of the dancer’s small size to promote a trend that viewers believe will allow them to look like the person who dances.”

Lauren Mulheim, Psy.D., Psychologist, Certified Eating Disorder Specialist, and Director of LA Eating Disorder Therapy:

“It doesn’t take into account the fact that bodies are diverse. Naturally, they come in different sizes and shapes. Not everyone who does this dance move can physically look like this.”

“When society promotes such a weight-centered beauty standard and” diet culture is alive and well “

“It can be difficult for the average viewer to remember that” fitness and health are much more than body shape. “

Lauren Mulheim, Psy.D

“No exercise alone it will give you flat abs, “says Dr. Desai.” People are very focused on the goal of losing weight. “

“The real goal should be to create a healthy foundation based on good eating habits and increased physical activity.”

Poonam Desai, D.O.

“A simple recipe for a wellness lifestyle is constant sleep, water, raw foods, strength training/exercise, mindful movement, and meditation.”

Abi Delfico, personal trainer, yoga teacher, and holistic nutritionist.

Carnitina para mujeres Beverly Nutrition carnitine Losing weight on tiktok
Carnitina para mujeres Beverly Nutrition

Losing weight: What you should know about weight loss videos on TikTok

To improve your mental health, your physical well-being, and have happiness, you need to address your situation considering everything that relates to your life and not just part of it.

Losing weight in TikTok as a goal will bring you great disadvantages.

The videos that are trending on TikTok are generally only related to weight loss. They do not come from credible health sources nor are they substantiated and no research.

Many videos assume that being slim or losing weight is the only way to be healthy. Those of us in the world of physical activity know that this is not the case.

Losing 30 pounds in 30 days

Carnitina Líquida Beverly Nutrition Losing weight on tiktok
Carnitina Líquida Beverly Nutrition

Consume quality content

If you’ve decided that you’re going to lead a healthy lifestyle, spend time and energy researching true reputable professionals who have the potential to help you work on your own holistic health and wellness image.

“Your diet is also what you consume on social media, so if influencers, celebrities, friends or anyone makes you feel bad about yourself. They don’t make you feel ‘thin’ enough or you have a flat enough stomach, always give yourself permission to unfollow or mute that information so you can focus on achieving your personal best “


Losing weight on TikTok, remember: What TikTok accounts to follow?

Everyone’s health journey is so different and the supportive and uplifting accounts are the best to follow.

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